Friday 23 June 2017

Friday comes round again.

How quickly it becomes Friday again and our meeting of friends for coffee.    This morning this meeting extended itself into a tour round Tennants Auction House followed by a Caesar Salad in the cafe for two of us - and very nice it was too.

The weather has been dull, chilly and windy here today although a friend has just rung from Hereford and the weather is lovely there.   If you are reading this Mags - do get well soon and get that old leg moving again.

Friends in the Lakes sent me a sweet little book of 'Ten Bedtime Poems' this morning - I am getting rid of books but this is a delight to read and will be perfect for our next Poetry afternoon.   So thank you P and D if you are reading this - I know you often do read it.

With regard to that Red Admiral butterfly, a friend told me this morning that a butterfly is a sign of rebirth.  It has all been such an uplifting experience - I hope it happens again.

Until tomorrow my friends.


angryparsnip said...

Nice that you got to exten you day out,

cheers, parsnip and thehamish

Librarian said...

You are always so busy that one week passes in a whirlwind. That is certainly a good thing, and I am glad you meet with friends so often. And you sound well balanced in that you also seek out and appreciate those quiet moments, like the butterfly encounter.

Rachel Phillips said...

I will not add advice because you do as you wish and you don't need any. You will remember the butterfly for ever.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Did you Sieze a Salad from the cafe's serving hatch?

On the day of my brother's funeral in the summer of 2010, a green butterfly appeared on the stone wall near the front door of his house. Several of us saw it. Paul's wife said she had never seen such a butterfly there before and she hasn't seen one since.

Heather said...

I didn't know that about butterflies - how appropriate for you. It has been mercifully cooler here for the past two days and I cut the back lawn yesterday and have packed two more boxes today. I haven't even got a completion date yet, but hate leaving things until the last minute. The weeks seem to fly by - I think that being busy makes the time go faster!

Joanne Noragon said...

For my brother's funeral, 42 years ago, my mother engaged a minister none of of cared for, including my deceased brother. When the minister commenced speaking at the grave, in the midst of brilliant sunshine, rain poured straight down on the minister. The funeral director produced an umbrella to hold over the fellow. The rest of us stood in sunshine. The rain ceased when the man finished speaking.

jinxxxygirl said...

What a lovely day you've had Pat....... We are cooler today and rainy... I think Mother Nature gave me a gift for my birthday today... she knew i was a little glum about turning 50... not that i even feel 50 and i've honestly had a wonderful (all in all) 50 years upon this Earth.. so i'm not sure why i'm a little glum but i'am... Hubby has taken me out for a wonderful dinner.. and we stopped to get some more supplies for shelves in the Craftroom.. and the rest of the day is mine to do as i wish.... well except for the dishes that need doing and the dusting and vacuuming and... lol

I'am quickly getting to the point on my bookshelves that hubby built that if a new book comes in, one must go out... But i'm not there quite yet... I hope you have a lovely rest of your day... HugsS! deb

Anonymous said...

Dull cold and a bit wet on and off here today in West Yorkshire but I am hoping it will get better again and we especially need sunshine on order for next week around North Yorkshire as we are coming up to pick up our granddaughter in Masham and then go on to stay with my mum near Yarm. We might all go across to Saltburn for the day weather permitting.
I'm glad you have had a lovely day with your friends and a new book too.