Friday, 10 February 2017

Thank you.

I have just put on my computer for a moment and I find almost ninety lots of wishes, prayers and positive thoughts from all of you around the world.   I just can't thank you enough - the power of blogland - and the knowledge that I have so many virtual friends is so comforting and touching.   Thank you all so much from us both.


justjill said...

What you give out dear Weaver comes back. xxx

Heather said...

I have been concerned about your absence from your blog, but had no idea that the farmer has a tumour. No wonder he has been feeling unwell recently - I do hope that hospital treatment will be helpful to him and will be thinking of you both as you come to terms with the diagnosis. Sending love and positive thoughts your way. xx

Gwil W said...

It's probably trite to say it but none of us are getting any younger. Life and health as we grow older is precarious. My mum often says to grow old takes courage. I know you have it in truckloads. I wish you both well. xG

Tom Stephenson said...

We love you Weave.

Anonymous said...

Echoing Tom. Sending you both love from down here in Hampshire. X

Judith said...

Loving thoughts surround you and your dear farmer.

Traveller said...

Can't leave prayers, but will leave my best wishes and thoughts.

On balance the folks on blogosphere are good and supportive.

Take care

John Going Gently said...

Wishing her well. Such a dear kind lady


Iris1:03 am
Oh, I am worried to bits now. I have just recently started to read her blog, but I admire her greatly. She must be of similar age as my mother but the two of them could not be any more different. I wish her all the best!!


Churn Dash1:13 am
Hugs and love to Weaver.


Joanne Noragon1:26 am
Love and hugs to you, Pat.


Jan B1:30 am
Please keep us posted John. I love her blog and have come to really care about her. Group hug indeed!


angryparsnip1:44 am
I noticed she has not posted and I was getting worried.
Gosh I hope all will be OK.

cheers, parsnip


Rozzie1:52 am
Love and {{{hugs}}} from my end of the world too.


coffeeontheporchwithme2:47 am
Please include me in this group hug. I love reading Weaver's blog. She is a lovely person. I hope her troubles don't last long. -Jenn


jenny_o2:59 am
I hope things are okay. Mrs Weaver is always a kind and thoughtful commenter, and I wish her well.


jinxxxygirl3:13 am
Oh no!! Now it will drive me crazy as to what is wrong.. I always read Pat's blog and we are penpals too... and often exchange snail mail letters...I know the Farmer wasn't feeling well... so worried... Please include me in this hug John. deb


Linda from Alabama3:17 am
Hugs to a sweet blogger.


Mary4:21 am
I've left her a note but please know I want to be in the group hug here too! I hope we get some news soon, and that things will be better for Pat. Like everyone, I'm worried of course.


Cro Magnon4:47 am
May I join in? She's a lovely lady.


Penny5:56 am
Please add me to that hug, do hope all is well with her, such a lovely blog friend.


Doc6:09 am
Our hug dear Weaver and her Farmer


Hard up Hester6:10 am
Add me too, I love her gentle blog.


Coppa's girl6:40 am
Add me too, please. I hope that all will be well.


Elle B6:41 am
Sending positive thoughts to Weaver in her time of troubles...(((((((((((((((::)))))))))))))) Many hugs from many people :)


Jules7:03 am
Joining in too. Much love to Weaver. Xx


Andi's English Attic7:14 am
Me too. Hugs. xx


libby7:20 am
Good thoughts and ether hugs x


Sue7:32 am
Hugs to Weaver and her Farmer. x


Virginia7:49 am
Gentle, long hugs for Weaver and the Farmer. I read her blog every morning.. I hope I'm half as alive and perceptive and good humoured as she is when I'm approaching her age.


Frances8:28 am
Me too in that group hug. (Just read the news on her blog and commented )


Sals View9:42 am
I'm in on that group hug too. Good vibes to Weaver.x


Linda Metcalf11:15 am
Hugs and best thoughts to a wonderful lady and her farmer.


Simone11:23 am
Joining in on the massive group hug for Weaver. x


Cheryl West4:07 pm
Hugs and comfort to a wonderful lady and her farmer.


yael4:08 pm
Me too.


Frances4:16 pm
Here's another hug for the Weaver and the Farmer. xo


Jo6:30 pm
Big hugs from South Africa to dear Weaver. xx


Toffeeapple6:54 pm
Count me in too, please.


Rambler10:49 pm
This comment has been removed by the author.


Rambler10:56 pm
Love and gentle hugs to (((((Weaver))))) and her (((((Farmer))))) with the hope that the news may not be as bad as first thought. Prayers for you both on Wednesday. xxxx


Beverley said...

Sending you both very good wishes and hoping they can help the Farmer. Bev

kt said...

Hugs and prayers to you and your Farmer, from Maine, USA

Librarian said...

I am glad you came here to look at all the good wishes and kind words, and that they help a little bit.

Jennyff said...

Just catching up and reading your news. Sending good wishes to you both from not so far away, you are in my thoughts.

the veg artist said...

Thinking of you both and hoping that treatment news is positive.

Yael said...

I don't comment much here but read you every day,best wishes for you and the farmer from here.

donna baker said...

Thank you Pat for a reminder that we are all in this together.

Mary said...

You are both in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be each day.
Stay strong and know we care, a lot!

Maria said...

Close to you and the Farmer. My thoughts are with you both. A hug.
We love you dear Weave.
Greetings Maria x

krishna said...

oh dear... Big hug..

Bovey Belle said...

Thinking of you both, and hugs from Wales. With love, from Jennie xxx

Rosie said...

Just to let you know I am thinking of you both at such a worrying time.

littlemancat said...

Sending best wishes and hugs from Pennsylvania,USA.
Your kind,gentle ways come across in you lovely blog. There is so much now that they can do medically now- know this from personal experience. Take heart.

littlemancat said...

Oh dear, my comment was written in haste - too many "now"s and your, not you lovely blog. But the sentiment's right.

L Northcott said...

Sending you both positive thoughts and prayers. I read your blog every day and so enjoy you description of life in the Dales.

A Heron's View said...

This household wishes you both a great deal of courage and strength.

Jayview said...

Very best wishes to you coming too from this reader in Australia. Jean

Sheila said...

My thoughts are with you both.

Fairtrader said...

Oh Pat, I was really hoping for something else when you spoke of the tests!! I'm so sorry. But you are both carried by prayers, best wishes and, for certain, a good deal of solid, practical, loving support.

Rozzie said...

Still thinking of you and your farmer, dear Weaver.

Sue said...

I'm so sorry to hear this news, I've been a way from the computer for a few days and came back on only to read all this. Sending you both lots of love and hugs from a cold, but sunny North Wales. xx

hart said...

I was sorry to hear this news. I wish you both some ease.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Prayers for the Farmer and you both during this difficult time

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that you will be receiving lots of prayers, positive thoughts and good wishes today.

dixie heath said...

Prayers for the farmer and you during this time. Thoughts and prayers everyday. Good wishes from an Ohio USA girl.

Dartford Warbler said...

Dear Pat,
My thoughts are with you and the Farmer. What a shock for you both. Hoping so much that treatment can be given and that the Farmer can soon feel more comfortable. Love from Dartford Warbler xx

Jan B said...

I know you are taking good care of him but please be good to yourself too. Being a caregiver is hard work... rest for yourself is key.

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