Friday, 2 September 2016


Inspiration is totally lacking today.   I had a bad night's sleep last night (doesn't happen often) and my mind is more or less a complete blank today.  I went down town with the usual group of friends for our Friday coffee; one, E, was recently back from France so we listened to her account, particularly of the journey by Eurostar, which seems to have been a nightmare from the moment she left our 'local' station.   But perhaps with hindsight it will become more like an adventure.

Because that is what happens isn't it?
Events often seem like nightmares at the time, but after the telling a few times they take on an excitement, get enhanced by embroidery and become stories of adventure.   Distance and time also helps with this I think.

So there we are - no inspiration today - knitting to do (a restful pastime when one has a great-grandchild due; baby clothes don't take long to knit, so become satisfying).

Summer seems to have departed here and Autumn arrived.   And the hurricane season picks up in the US and I understand we are set to get the dregs over here afterwards.   So time to get the woodburner chimney swept too.


Derek Faulkner said...

Mmmm, actually grey and cloudy here today, long time since we've seen that but still warm. We've also been promised some rain, which has been promised on numerous occasions but has never happened. So, will our 10 week drought actually end, will fields turn from an intense yellow to green again, will dust become mud, we'll see.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Derek - in the field opposite, where at last the straw has been baled and carted away after getting wet numerous times, they are at present digging a ditch deep along the far edge as this field floods in Winter. They are hoping to get rid of some of the water which will surely come. I expect you may get some rain next week as we are set to get the tail end of the hurricane in the US.

Derek Faulkner said...

Big news Pat, we've just had a 10 min. shower. Met. Office forecast for here for next week is very warm and sunny. I think the hurricane, if it appears, is due to go NW rather than eastwards.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Noticeably chilly this morning. Last match of season tomorrow. Grrr. Summer never really happened

Heather said...

Dull and a bit damp earlier today but sunshine now, though plenty of cloud. I don't look forward to autumn gales when we have had quite a lot of high wind this summer. Having had to wait for so long for summer to arrive, I am reluctant to part with it.
Hope your friend enjoyed her trip despite the nightmare journey. As you say, it makes a good talking point.

Dawn said...

we have a a few adventures on our travels at the time they were near death experiences the sort of thing nightmares are made of, we have had a very warm muggy day with occasional sunshine,the predicted rain passed us by again. Autumn is on the way it is a season I enjoy.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have just watched the weather forecast and next week the whole of the country was coloured red as hot weather came over from the continent - so perhaps Summer is not over yet after all.

Derek Faulkner said...

I adore the sun and the heat and loathe the winter, but a couple of wet days would do an awful lot of good down here. What ditches that still retain some water, stink badly and the cattle are getting into fields that they shouldn't because the ditches are not acting as wet fences.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

You need to nip down to "The Cross Keys" tonight, guzzle a few glasses and get the farmer to guide you home. Get blotto Mrs Weaver! That is my considered advice.

Joanne Noragon said...

I pulled up the covers this morning. A little nippy before dawn. Summer is going.

Mary said...

We're hunkering down as that darned Hurricane Hermine heads up the east coast - Florida is a mess, we here in NC could be hit tonight and early tomorrow - right now just pouring rain and much cooler temps.

The entire east coast will not be celebrating much for Labor Day weekend - so many without power and could be really serious around NY, NJ and the New England states if it sits off the coast and batters them for several days.
I hate bad weather! I worry about living under such big trees! I worry about loss of power for days! I think perhaps my trip to Kenya will be wonderful once I get away from all these worries. Then I only I have to concern myself about wild animals, haha!

Yes, I often have to turn the downside of travel into exciting adventures!

Mary -

Frances said...

Dear Weaver, I hope you have a good restful sleep tonight.

Over here in NYC, we've had a beautiful day, with a clear blue sky, slight breeze and temps in the 70s. (I met up with our mutual friend Elizabeth mid-morning, at the farmers market, and afterwards we set the world to rights at a nearby cafe.)

The former hurricane Hermine was down graded, but the resulting pathway will still pack enough power to give us lots of rain on Sat and Sun. If the forecasters don't change their story ... like certain politicians.)

Hoping that tomorrow will be a good day to get outdoors. It's a holiday weekend here, with Labor Day on Monday. Now that I am retired, every weekend is a holiday weekend. xo

Librarian said...

We are in for another 28-Celsius-day of sunshine. Just right for the jumble sale my sister, a group of friends and I are going to have a booth at today!
Tomorrow, apparently it'll be cooler and some rain could be happening - for the first time in weeks, I think. It's been a beautiful few late summer weeks, after what was a rather dreadful start with way too much rain and floods.

The Weaver of Grass said...

YP - The Cross Keys has only recently reopened after the previous landlord died in tragic circumstances. If you are ever tempted up this way - we live only a stone's throw from The Cross Keys, so tell me you are coming and I will put the kettle on.

The weather seems to be everyone's preoccupation this week-end, so hope you all get the weather you want.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

You never know Mrs W. If my bad knee ever gets better I plan to do a couple of long walks in Swaledale and to visit "The Tan Hill Inn" for the first time.

By the way, if it's not discourteous to ask, how did the previous landlord of "The Cross Keys" die?

Elizabeth said...

I loved Eurostar but that was ages ago!
Yes, knitting for kiddies is so much more fun than for grownups! - it goes so much quicker.
Knitting season approaches -as does Hurricane Hermine.
Will keep you posted.

Share my Garden said...

Dear Weaver, Sorry to read that you had a poor night's sleep, hopefully exhaustion will have you sleeping like a log tonight! Lack of sleep always reduces me to a zombie. We are now back in the South-West after a lovely break in the Dales. I've posted our day at the show where I absolutely loved the display put on by the Bedale Hunt. I'm sure that the farmer will agree that the announcer this year was excellent.
I'm wishing that I had leapt from my seat to speak to you as you walked past our table at the Queen's Head, but I wasn't absolutely sure that it was you until I checked your blog entry. (I couldn't manage to write my name on the phone comment so remained 'unknown'.) Perhaps you remember coming to our bolt-hole in Coverdale for coffee a few years ago? Although I rarely comment I do enjoy keeping in touch with the Dales via your blog.