Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Flaming June

The poor farmer is not feeling at all well today; he thought he was completely over his long illness but it is back this morning and so he is sitting in the chair, keeping warm and dozing.   I had to go into town to do various jobs but the farmer didn't feel like eating dinner (which was going to be salmon, Jersey Royals and green beans), so I have done very  little since my return.

Sadly there seems to be yet another failure of Social Services and a tiny two year old is killed by his mother.
What a dreadful raw deal some children get in this world.   And how very lucky those children are who are born into loving families and a safe environment.

My grand-daughter is twelve weeks pregnant and yesterday she sent me a photograph of her baby in the womb, from her 12 week scan.   The wonders of modern technology.

The perpetrators of the terrible crime against the little boy will receive their sentences in July.  One thing is for sure - both the mother and her civil partner will receive prison sentences.   They will serve them separately.   They will no doubt be persecuted by other prison inmates, who don't tolerate things like child cruelty.  So that will be two other lives completely destroyed.

Derek seems to read into this that I don't want the very worst punishment for the perpetrators of this crime.   Please don't think this is so.   The whole episode from beginning to end is so appalling that it is totally beyond comprehension that anyone could do such a thing.

What is the answer?   Anyone who has not read Nick Danziger's 'Britain - A Journey to the Edge' should do so.   It doesn't make easy reading and it doesn't leave one with a feeling of pleasure, or joy at our country.   But it is, as The Independent says, ' A book so important that every one of us should read it and weep.'


Derek Faulkner said...

This current topsy-turvy weather is enough to make anybody feel unwell, warm and sunny followed by cold and wet, it's no wonder the farmer feels as he does.
The cruelty inflicted on that young boy was beyond belief and very hard to listen too and once again social services have failed terribly and as always answer with "we will review the case". While you don't appear to agree, I hope that both women are afforded as much pain and suffering as they gave the child, while they are in prison.

Heather said...

Sorry to hear that the farmer is unwell again. I hope he soon recovers and can enjoy his busy life once more.
It has been anything but June-like here today but we haven't had any rain. I daresay the temperature will shoot up suddenly and we will all be panting with the heat!
Cruelty to children of any age is unforgiveable and deserves a stern punishment. No doubt, as you say, they will get it in prison.

Terry and Linda said...

I saw that sad story on the news today. That poor, poor child. And our news said there were at least one other child in those women's custody.

I'm sorry the farmer is unwell again. It's so hard to feel bad and to feel bad in the summer is always harder with so many things to be done. I hope he gets well quickly!


A Heron's View said...

Very best of wishes to the Farmer and I hope he gets better soon.

Elizabeth said...

Do hope the Farmer feels better soon.
Yes, my heart breaks for children who do not get the love and care they so richly deserve.
Cruelty to those weaker than us is too horrible to bear.

Sue said...

The finger is always pointed at Social Services in these tragic case, and sometimes rightly so. But it is also a sad reflection of modern society when other family members, friends or neighbours don't see anything amiss.
Hope Farmer has a good night's rest and feels better soon.

Mac n' Janet said...

I'm horrified at what happens to children! You don't have to have children, but if you do, you owe them a decent life. People torturing and killing their children in so-called civilized countries is unbelievable.
Hope the Farmer is feeling better soon.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I will look out for that book as it seems to chime with what I have just blogged about. Sorry to hear that the farmer is unwell again but happy to hear your are going to be a great grandma! Marvellous news but I wonder what kind of a world that baby will witness when we have gone.

angryparsnip said...

Sorry to hear The Farmer is not feeling well again.
Hope he will be feeling better soon.

cheers, parsnip and thehamish

Librarian said...

Just the other day I mentioned how I had the impression (from what you were saying on your blog) that The Farmer seemed to have fully recovered now from his illness. Sorry to hear he has not. I hope he'll be patient for another day or two, until he really feels better, and not start picking up work again too soon.
I've not heard of that horrible case of the little boy, but every now and then, such terrible news pop up here as well. Like Sue said, it is easy to point at Social Servcices - but THEY are not responsible in the first place, it should be the parents or, if they are no longer around, those entrusted with the care of the child.
Like Mac n'Janet said, people don't have to have children, but if they do, they should give them all the love and care they can. For driving a car you need a license to prove that you're fit for road traffic; for so many other things, you need to take exams and have official permission - but anyone can have as many children as they want, nobody checks how fit they are to be parents.

Frances said...

Sorry to hear that the farmer is feeling poorly again……an improvement in the weather might help! I couldn't read past the first few sentences of what those 2 evil women did to that child. My friend and I were talking about it yesterday, and I said they should get a " taste of their own medicine"…hopefully they will suffer in prison at the hands of other inmates.

Rachel said...

Social Services had many people informing them of this pair. I process referrals and tip offs each day. Each manager makes a different subjective decision about what happens next.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Get well soon wishes to The Farmer.
The news about that poor little boy is just so awful.
The problem is that people evil enough to do this always seem to be clever enough to cover it up

Dartford Warbler said...

Sending best wishes to The Farmer. It is so hard to have "outside work" to do when you are feeling unwell.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Rachel makes an interesting and well-informed point.
Also Sue has a point - did this pair not have anyone witnessing the state of their children?
Thanks to all who contributed.
As to the farmer's health - he had just decided he was finally better when yesterday he felt unwell again. By evening he was more or less back to normal and this morning he has a streaming cold - so probably that was the cause.
Thanks for your contribution.