Sunday, 13 March 2016

Quiz answers

I know that some of you have attempted the cryptic quiz I posted last Sunday.   I promised the answers today, so here they are:

1.  The Frenchman eats all of this.   Mangetout.
2.  Nomads enjoy this fruit.   Damson.
3.  Donkeys bray longer for one of these.  Loganberry.
4.  Sounds like there are two.   Pear.
5.  Look among the clue.   Mango.
6.  Harvest in the triangle by candlelight.  Rhubarb.  *
7.  One is seen, and felt, on the ear!  Cauliflower.
8.  Could also be a lemon.   Melon.
9.  Go near for a juicy treat.   Orange.
10.Scandinavian vegetable.   Swede.
11.Quiet plea for a mix-up.   Apple.
12.Purple egg plant.   Aubergine.
13.Sounds like a taxi when you get old.  Cabbage.
14.This card turner grows on a bush.   Redcurrant.
15.June 14th 2015.   Date
16.The little monkey loves this.   Lemon
17.Is this veg always in a hurry?   Runner bean.
18.Sounds as though the tap's dripping.   Leek.
19.Take the scissors to your golf standard.   Parsnip.
20.Noah took nothing back to the ark.  Okra.
21.Mack's beginning to take up archery.   Marrow.
22.A sugary addition to Pat too.   Sweet potato.
24.May also be called this.   Yam
25.Had a poor innings at the cricket match.  Spring onion. *
26.A Chinese gooseberry.   Kiwi fruit.
27.Nectar in every flower holds this.   Nectarine.
28.How Popeye kept strong.   Spinach.
29.Strangely not a cheap fruit.   Peach.
30.It's shy when you meet at the fair.   Coconut.
31.Amperage not organised.   Pomegranate.
32.She has a little sister in her song.   Clementine.
33.A sweet card game.   Sugar snap.
34.Hallowe'en plant.   Pumpkin.
35.The sound of disapproval.   Raspberry.
36.Does it move a mile?   Lime.
37,Sal's  'ify' about accepting this.   Salsify.
38.A letter of the alphabet ob my vegetable patch.   Garden pea.

Several of these for American readers may be unusual - the two with an asterisk for example.    Rhubarb - a lot of our early rhubarb is grown in what is called the triangle - an area of Yorkshire.   Spring onion - I rather think they are called scallions in the US.


Heather said...

I didn't get 34 - Raspberry! And was totally foxed by 15 - Date. I was trying to be far too clever for such an obvious answer. It was good fun to do - thank you Pat.

Tom Stephenson said...

I must have missed the quiz - this is the first I have 'heard' about it. Oh well, there's always next year.

Frances said...

Dear Weaver, I was just too dim to understand the clues to your very clever cryptic puzzles, although somehow I did figure out some correct answers.

Perhaps you will share another "vintage" puzzle with us in the future?


Rachel said...

It looks easy when you see the answers.

angryparsnip said...

A few of these I had the answers for but the harder ones I just didn't understand. But what fun it was to read all the answers.
Of course I got # 19 and a few of the easier ones like #10 #17 #28 #34, #35.

cheers, parsnip

Librarian said...

There are plenty I've never heard of, but then of course English is not my first language. Thank you for posting the answer, it was great fun!
Still wondering what happened to question # 23.

The Weaver of Grass said...

What happened to question 23??? An admission - try as I may, the quiz is so long ago and I couldn't find the answers - and I just couldn't remember the answer to 23, so I left it out.

Thanks for joining in, those of you who did.

The Broad said...

As an American in a Strange Land I did pretty well. But Rhubarb, Parsnip, Coconut, Clementine, and Salsify had me foxed!

Terry and Linda said...

Very beautiful country side. I enjoy your walk around your farm!

Just loved it!

Spring an wonderous thing!