Monday, 25 January 2016

"I too have shot my bolt."

I feel sad that Henry Worsley at the age of only 55, has died today while attempting to cross Antarctica alone.   Only thirty miles from the end of his expedition his weak voice came over the radio and although he was rescued and flown to hospital in Chile, he has died.

Shackleton has always been one of my heroes - and I understand that he was one of Worsley's too.   There are some people who feel so strongly that it is worth risking one's life to fulfil a dream - and he was one of them.

It would be good if he was given some kind of award posthumously don't you think?   We need men (and women) like him to make us realise that there are things worth striving for.


Penhill said...

Yes I agree,it was so sad hearing his last message on the radio this evening.

Rachel Phillips said...

Very sad. He appears to have died of an infection causing peritonitis. Very much more sad.

Tom Stephenson said...

Yes, he tried at least. I have to say that I thought from the title that this was a John Gray post, though.

John Going Gently said...

OnLy young....... So sad

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I think his connection with Henry and William will ensure a strong memorial

Hildred said...

I do agree. There doesn't seem to be that much passion in the world today for for challenges, and when it does occur it should be acknowledged, honoured and respected.

Cro Magnon said...

Shackleton was/is one of my heroes too. I don't know too much about Henry Worsley; I must find out more.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh Tom - you always seem to hit the nail in the right place!

potty said...

My immediate thought, was he married? Wiki says yes, and I feel for his widow and two children.

Bovey Belle said...

Absolutely - what a role model he was. FAR better to die doing something you believe in and striving for the conclusion than to live the sort of 9 to 5 life that is considered the norm. Definitely a man to be remembered for posterity through a posthumous award.

mrsnesbitt said...

So near - yet so far. Tragic.

Mary said...

This is so very, very sad, he was such a great man for the youth of today to emulate. Having been to Antarctica, but not the Pole, I saw enough to realize that anyone making a land crossing would have to be the bravest of people. We followed Shackleton's journey which was amazing and quite unforgettable, and yes, his was the greatest expedition story ever (my American husband agrees and loves retelling the story to anyone who will listen). My thoughts go out to Henry's family - it would be wonderful for Britain to give him a posthumous award - I hope that happens.

Mary -

Heather said...

Such a tragedy - his family and friends must be distraught, they have my condolences. It is a wonderful idea to award him some posthumous recognition.

Terry and Linda said...

What a sad thing. He was amazingly brave!


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