Monday, 22 June 2015


Are you a creature of routine, or do you just like things to happen if and when?
When I was working routine was, of course, forced upon me.  Even before reaching school the routine of getting my son to school and at least thinking what I was doing about the evening meal was routine.

But now I am retired and have been for many years.   Yet I still stick to routine and without it I am lost.   My week goes more or less like this, with a few minor variations:
Monday:   wash and iron and put on the airer. Have a chat and a coffee with my cleaner.
Tuesday:  go into town, get the post office part of my pension, do a bit of shopping, often have a coffee with friend W .
Wednesday:  exercise class in the afternoon (apart from one Wednesday each month which is our Poetry afternoon).
Thursday:  permanent hairdresser's appointment just after lunch.  Often visit a friend afterwards.
Friday:  market and coffee with friends in the morning, afternoon to do whatever takes my fancy.
Saturday:  often pop into town for a mosey in the morning, again with a friend - often have coffee.  In the afternoon, weather permitting, like to have a longish (for me) wander round the fields with Tess.  I usually do the farm books on this day too.
Sunday:  farmer walks every other Sunday and then I go out for lunch with friends.  On the other Sundays we do a variety of things.

This might sound boring, but I can assure you it isn't because there are so many variations.   Sometimes I go out for lunch in the middle of the week with friend S (time we did it again S if you are reading this ),sometimes friends call here for a cup of tea and a scone, sometimes I go down to the feed merchants with the farmer, sometimes (as rarely as possible as I hate towns) the farmer and I go into our county town, Northallerton - the sky's the limit really.

Any break in this routine and I am not a happy bunny.   I fit the library into my schedule somewhere because I do like to have a pile of books to go at on a wetday.  And then of course there is my blog - reading you all and writing a new post everyday.

Never short of something to do!

And speaking of books, can I recommend to you a book which a friend G lent me to take on holiday.   It is a very easy read and can be finished in two or three hours, but it is one of the most beautifully written, moving books I have ever read.
"Wonder" by R J Palacio.   I think it should be compulsory reading (and discussion afterwards) in schools.


The Broad said...

I have a few routines, but probably not enough! Most daysi am up at5.00 a.m.for breakfast which always consists of an English muffin an a fewdays a week glutn free cornflakes with a small banana. My other daily routine is preparin innerwhich i try to have ready by 7.30 p.m.I grocery shop every Friday and prepare a general menu plan as i make my list. Most Sundays i go to church and prepare a Suday lunch/dinner.when we are in France all routines are subject to change!!!

jinxxxygirl said...

I like both... i've often said i have a split personality... I like routine.. although nothing as in depth as yours... For some reason i honestly didn't realize you went into town as often as you do or meet with friends as often..isn't that funny? I do the wash when it piles up.. i do the house cleaning when it gets dirty.. I guess i do fly by the seat of my pants more than i have routines...and hubs and i are retired... I've often thought i needed more of a routine but since we no longer work i cannot bring myself to go back to a more scheduled life... Hugs! deb

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Not so much the days, but the nights are a ritual of twitter catch up, study, writing, then out for a couple of pints when I'm off shift. Get very thrown if I miss any of that out.

Heather said...

My week has a routine, although within that I am flexible and prepared to swap things around if needed. However, that usually puts me all out of sync. and I don't know what day of the week it is!

Mac n' Janet said...

We have a morning routine, walk before breakfast and during the hot weather a quick swim, and breakfast. After that it's whatever each of us wants to do. I wash when the hamper is full, I do play the piano every day and read. We go into town as we need to, but no set day.
Like you I had a routine when I taught, but it's all been thrown out since then.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I never know what's happening and no routine apart from cleaning campsite loos etc and collecting eggs, though we do tend to eat at the same times each day.

Did you manage to find our house for sale ad on the internet?

angryparsnip said...

I like having a routine. Mine is less busy as yours. But now with my illness, any days it is ruled by what I feel I can do.
But I keep The Square Ones on a routine. thehamish because of all the shots and drugs I have to give him at certain times and Watson because of his dementia. I think it works out really great for them.

cheers, parsnip

Countryside Tales said...

I like routine too, or at least stuffing my days full and always being busy. Having too little to do isn't very healthy for me. I also like to be outdoors as much as possible in all weathers and at all times of the year.

Terry and Linda said...

Now that my grandson and granddaughter have left, and all the other company has left....and it doesn't look like I will have any more until August...I am finally able to GET TO MY routine.

Routines are lovely!


Penny said...

My routines are a bit hit and miss. I like the sound of yours.

Cro Magnon said...

Routine has followed me through life. Having been educated privately, it was what made those 'privileged' schools tick. Perfect timing and following of routine was essential, and any wavering from strict discipline was always met with punishment. That strict upbringing has never left me.

donna baker said...

My sister was a teacher then principal of an elementary school. I always told her I could spot a teacher a mile away. Many similarities.

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