Sunday, 12 April 2015


How the weather can change at the drop of a hat here in the UK.   After a week of almost perfect weather, suddenly today it is ten degrees colder, windy and wet and the barometer has gone from one side to the other quite rapidly.   I understand it will creep up again come tomorrow morning - we watch County File tonight and that gives us a good intimation.

I was unable to get on to my computer this morning so I rang my son, who came round, moved the hub about two inches - and all was alright again.  So now I have put my grocery order on, read all your blogs and am putting this one on.   And all the time the Chinese Grand Prix  can be heard in the background as the farmer watches it from start to finish without feeling guilty (can't get on the land in the rain .)

After going round the Supermarket to do my shopping last week (instead of ordering it on line) I can only say that I have absolutely no desire to go there again.   I hated it.
 However, I did go off on Friday afternoon to M and S at Teeside Park with friend W - and we did have a jolly afternoon - we both tried on and bought trousers and then we had a scone and a coffee - all very civilised.   The only thing uncivilised was the coming home and coming up behind tailbacks of traffic which were horrendous.   We were happy to sit and wait - there is really no point in getting in a state.   But at the last traffic island a lorry driver wanted to go immediately left and the double-lane traffic was blocking his way for all of two minutes until the lights changed.   Then he surged through giving us all a two-finger salute out of his cab window.  As I know the owner of the haulage firm involved I was tempted to tell him but decided it was really beneath contempt.

Another week begins tomorrow, the weather is set to improve, the farmer and I intend to find time during the week to go and buy our veggie seed and our onion sets (ours is a very cold garden and it is pointless putting anything in too early - we have learned this by bitter experience.)


Heather said...

I used to hate supermarket shopping until I discovered my favourite Sainsbury store at Barnwood, Gloucester. I suppose it too could be horrendous at weekends but we only shop on a weekday.
Lorry drivers used to be the gentlemen of the roads, but it would seem some of them are slipping these days. At least you got home safely.

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

We found a yellow weather warning in the email box this morning! just for a couple of hours of windy weather.
I'm lucky, as I seem to be able to go supermarket shopping without noticing whats going on all around me which is quite handy!

Joanne Noragon said...

It seems to be getting no warmer here, though I also spoiled myself by driving six hundred miles south where it was 80 degrees and all the flowering trees were full bloom. And wisteria and daffodils and azaleas. Driving home again was like rolling it all back into a tight bundle.

angryparsnip said...

We have a cool day today and I am enjoying it. It has a hint of rain in the air. but I doubt we will rain were I am but I hope at lest the mountains around will be rained on.

cheers, parsnip

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

We are having chilly rainy weather too - but it is set to improve greatly. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have big swings in the weather, so we expect it. They say 65 by next weekend - but that can change too - we'll see - and hope.

Gwil W said...

The vienna city marathon took place today in ideal conditions, spring sunshine and a light breeze. Forecast earlier in the week had been for showers but they never materialized. Went out these evening with just a light jacket. Make the most of any good weather in April.

Cro Magnon said...

Sound to me as if you could use a poly-tunnel. I'm still being foolish and planting out my vegs. I have all fingers and toes crossed for continued good weather.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I rather like the idea of a poly tunnel Cro. The trouble is that where our garden is situated means that the prevailing wind blows down off the big shed roof and whips through the garden. We lost our greenhouse completely earlier in the year. We are seriously considering abandoning vegetable gardening altogether.
Thanks to you all - everyone's weather seems variable but then I suppose that's April.

Elizabeth said...

Shopping on line is a good idea.
The lorry driver sounds pretty uncouth - but what can you do?
We look forward to getting M&S "Cornish Cruncher" cheese when Claudia comes to visit.
Tree pits are planted here and herbs on the roof this week.
I'm coming to England in May - but reckon I will now get north of Ludlow!

Linda Metcalf said...

I think if I did an online shop I'd probably save a bundle! Too many good things come into sight at the shop!