Friday, 24 April 2015

Lovliest of trees.

My new header is our cherry tree - one of my favourite trees, not least because of the passage of Housman's in 'The Shropshire Lad', which begins - Lovliest of trees the cherry now.   When I read it as one of my chosen pieces for our last Poetry meeting, friend J reminded me that I read it every year at this time of the year!   I didn't know that but I shall no doubt read it again next year too.

This morning at our weekly coffee morning in the town, we were talking about the election (boring) and whether or not we could be bothered to go and vote.   We were all (all women) of one mind - women fought and died to get the vote and it is our duty to go to the Polling Station even if - in desperation - we spoil our Ballot Papers - we must exercise our democratic right to be able to vote.

Young people today seem so sophisticated compared with how we were when we were young.   How far the world has progressed in some areas.   Looking back we were so innocent and certainly in the country areas (where I was brought up in what was a carefree, happy environment, in spite of the world war being raged at the time) we really knew little or nothing about the real facts of life.

How different from now with the internet leaving nothing to the imagination.
Yet as we agreed this morning, young folk don't necessarily know how far women have come in that time.   Within our living memory there were many things women could not do without a husband's 'permission' and we really had little control over our own money and property.   It was virtually unheard of for a woman to keep her maiden name when she married - and unless one wished to be seen as a 'hussy' then living together in an unmarried state was not to be contemplated.

Are we there yet in Western Society - to a state where everyone is viewed equally regardless of sex, married state, sexual orientation?  I think not.   Maybe we are well on the way but if you are in any doubt about this read John's blog today (Going Gently on my side bar).

But, to reiterate - we have the vote, we can freely go into the Polling Booth and put our cross exactly where we like without anyone else knowing (my father could remember when you were expected to vote as your employer wished) - so we must do it, even if - when we get there - we are so disillusioned with all the parties that we spoil our ballot paper.

And incidentally, if you do wish to do that - just write across the top, taking care to miss all the boxes that you wish to vote for no-one.   The slightest mark inside any of the boxes and your vote will be counted.
Here is our other cherry tree, just as beautiful in its own way, although I prefer the perfection of the white one.


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Such lovely trees - the header is magnificent.

I too despair for the young ladies who don't know the history of women's lib - or who think of it as not relevant to their lives. They have their lives to live as they please because of the work done by those who stood up for those rights.

John Gray said...

Spring has well and truly sprung!

Heather said...

Beautiful blossoms. Ours have just gone over but the crabapple is in bloom to take their place. A lovely time of year.
I always vote - can't let the Suffragettes down - but there isn't much to choose from these days. Where did all the statesmen go?

Joanne Noragon said...

I mention to my daughters how far we've come and how far they have yet to go.
To count my income toward the purchase of the first house my doctor had to provide a written statement I would have no more children. He pushed it back across his desk saying "Joanne, you don't need to do this." I pushed it back to him. "Help me get the house; I'm working on the rest!"
Beautiful blossoms on your trees. The color is wonderful.

angryparsnip said...

What a beautiful new header you have today. The Cherry Blossoms are lovely.
We don't have Cherry trees here in Tucson but our Paloverde trees are in bloom all over Tucson. Son just said they reminded him of the Cherry Blossoms all over Japan right now.

cheers, parsnip

Elizabeth said...

Do not get me started on any of the topics written about above!
The cherry trees are quite lovely - as is the Houseman poem. And yes the white has a splendid delicacy. The pinks are showy and wonderful too.
Very exciting - am coming to England in May and have a great yearning to see Ludlow again.
We have two years to go until our election and the papers/tv are constantly full of it. Complete waste of time and money.
The US is so divided into intelligent states that are somewhat forward looking as regards education gun control etc etc and the 'square states' that drain federal dollars from the somewhat smarter the election will only really be fought in a very few places. You know what I think anyway!
And yes, we do know far more than previous generation - for both good and ill.

The weather has gone back to being cold here 44F as I write....
other than that
have a super weekend.

Terra said...

Lovely cherry trees and the petals look pretty when they are on the ground too. I am with you, I vote in every election. I support freedom and want to keep government from running every little aspect of our lives.

Cloudia said...

Wonderful and thoughtful post -with trees!

ALOHA from Honolulu,

Cro Magnon said...

Officially in France, a woman's name always stays the same; as she was born. They can call themselves Madame X, but not in legal circles.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Such a lovely sight in springtime. The blossom I showed you yesterday was blackthorn.

thelma said...

Always vote, even if it means 'throwing' my vote away on a minor party. No I am not throwing it away just exercising my right to vote for who I want. How we get the young to actually use their vote though is anybodies guess.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks again folks. Why is it that as usual we are virtually all of one voice? Perhaps it is that we choose to blog with those who are like-minded do you think?

Linda said...

I love the white one, but the pink one is very nice also.


Bovey Belle said...

Lovely photos and great posts from you. I agree with you about young women being more sophisticated these days, and I notice this in my daughters who are a lot more confident and capable than I was in my 20s. I would like to put it down to education (they both went to good Universities) and hopefully good parenting.