Wednesday, 18 February 2015

This and that.

Another lovely poetry afternoon, hosted as usual by friend W.  Two regulars were ill with one or an other of the various bugs going around and two more regulars were out on a visit somewhere else.   We had one new member and there were eight of us.   We had a lovely afternoon with a great selection of poetry - lots of Roger Mcgough today for some reason,several bits of Longfellow's Hiawatha, which friend J reads from the most beautiful leather-bound book with each page edged in gold leaf - a joy to look at and a joy to listen to.

Interestingly we got to talking about books we had read and enjoyed and found that one of our members just didn't 'do' books at all.   I personally cannot imagine life without several books 'on the go'.  I really have quite an eclectic taste I think.

I like good novels and am always on the look out for new authors here - so if anyone likes to recommend a new author (to me) I shall be grateful.   At present I am ploughing through Salley Vickers and enjoying her books immensely.

I also love travel books.   One of the first travel books I ever read was Maurice le Toumelin's 'Kurun Around the World' - about a solo voyage.   I must have read it a dozen times until my father remarked that he thought I was always going to be an 'armchair traveller'. (sadly when I had enough money to travel he had already died, so he never knew the places I went to).

Colin Thubron, Patrick Leigh Fermor, and many others have caught my imagination.   I just couldn't manage without my books - they are as important to me as food.

Friend W demonstrated a marvellous window vacuum cleaner she has bought to clean the windows (and the shower) inside - a window cleaner comes to do the outside.  I came straight home and suggested to the farmer that we buy one and have just send an e mail to friends P and D, who are coming for the week-end, to see if they can collect if I do 'click and collect'.  It is so easy now that we all have computers - old methods have become so laborious.

The bug I have been fighting for several days seems to have been almost defeated - so hopefully my body's fighting mechanism is up to full strength.

Until tomorrow - keep warm.


MorningAJ said...

I do my shopping online now. It's so much easier than slogging around the supermarket after work. I spend about 15 minutes on the computer and then a nice man delivers everything the next day.

jinxxxygirl said...

Aaahhh Weaver if only i could kick the cough that seems to just hang on... but i do believe it is a little better each day....

I cannot imagine my life without books. Honestly.... I have quite the eclectic collection as my taste runs the gamut between action / adventure, mystery, thriller/horror, science fiction / fantasy. I also love a book written in diary style ... and i have read a few travel books too.... Books enrich my life... Hugs! deb

Heather said...

I love books and think that a house without books is not properly furnished.
Although I buy some things online I still prefer to do my own grocery shopping and choose the items myself, though if one is ill or unable to get out an online order must be a godsend.

Terra said...

I agree, books are essential. Not an extra. My husband and I read many travel adventure books and also books by people who have moved from their home countries or live on narrow boats, etc. Patrick Leigh Fermor is a pioneer in the types of books we enjoy. A funny current memoir is "Chickens, mules and two old fools" about a British couple who moved to a tiny village in Spain. I told you before that I like your poetry club idea.

Gerry Snape said...

Poetry groups are such fun...we had an open mike this evening and it's so good to hear others read their own work...the voice lifts everything up a notch....

Twiggy said...

I love the sound of your poetry group.
Twiglet has got some super children's poetry anthologies, one of our favourites by Roger McGough is The Time I Like Best.

The time I like best is 6am
when the snow is 6 inches deep
which I'm yet to discover
'cause I'm under the covers
fast, fast asleep.

Very appropriate during the Winter months

Frances said...

This evening in New York, we've been advised by media forecasts that after today's sunny, if below freezing, weather, we might count our blessings. The chill returns tonight with snow. How happy I am to have done my outdoor errands today.

Returned Peter Carey's Amnesia to the library, and put my name back on the reserve list. Checked out Esther Freud's Mr. Mac and Me. I am a huge Mackintosh fan, and have also liked Esther Freud's novels and her dad's paintings. Just finished Ned Beauman's Glow. Still have a vintage copy of Norah Hoult's There Were No Windows checked out from the library's rich stack shelves.

Staying indoors during this challenging 2015 winter can be pleasant. I haven't even mentioned the knitting.


angryparsnip said...

Sounds so wonderful.

cheers, parsnip

Bovey Belle said...

What a lovely afternoon - friends and poetry, a lovely combination. I cannot imagine a life without books - it would be so bleak. Sometimes you go into someone's house and there are no books there and I always feel that tells me everything I need to know about such folk!!!

Mac n' Janet said...

Glad you're doing better, I am too. Can't imagine not reading books, I always have several going at a time. Plus I always ask my Husband to tell me the stories he's reading.