Saturday, 11 October 2014

Life's Little Mysteries.

About three years ago I lost my lovely little curved nail scissors.   They had been expensive to buy but well worth it and I treasured them greatly and have missed them every day since.  By now I had convinced myself that I would never see them again and that I must have somehow thrown them out.    The bedroom (they were always kept the cabinet there) has been spring-cleaned and autumn-cleaned each year, the bed moved and all the furniture - still no sign.  Until this morning.

The farmer is walking with a group today (a glorious Autumn day incidentally) and had to be off early.   We also had to be at the Medical Practice by half past eight for our yearly flu injection.  As we were back from this quite quickly I suggested that there was time before he went for us to strip the bed and put on the new electric blanket (the old one was on the blink).

We stripped off the sheets and pillow cases for washing, we stripped off the mattress cover for washing, then we removed the faulty electric blanket and there - in the middle of the mattress were the nail scissors!  That was under a fitted sheet, a mattress cover and an electric blanket.   The sheets have been changed every week throughout those years.

So I ask - how did those scissors get there?  (no saucy answers from the likes of Tom and John please).   All the bottom sheets I have are tightly fitted, as are the mattress covers and the electric blanket was tightly tied down.

One of life's little mysteries.   Not quite so grisly as the one I read in today's Times about Sir Ran Fiennes who, after sawing his fingers off (he had severe frostbite) he decided that as they were so personal to him he would keep them and he put them in the drawer in his study(!), from which they eventually disappeared and he has never found them.   His wife swears she hasn't touched them (who, I ask, would wish to touch them?) - the writer of the article in the times suggests he look on e-bay in case somebody is trying to sell them.

Have any of you lost anything in an unexplained way - and never found it again - or (like me) found it after a few years?


Heather said...

It is so infuriating when things go missing. Earlier this year, just as the warmer weather was approaching I 'lost' a pair of summer trousers. There were several occasions when I would like to have worn them. I searched everywhere and assumed that they had been caught up with the stuff for the charity shop when I had a big clear out. Yesterday I found them in my wardrobe covered by a shirt on the same hanger. I just hope they fit me next summer!

Mac n' Janet said...

I've discovered that the only way to find something I've lost is to buy a replacement and then invariably the lost item shows up.
My husband is notorious for losing his glasses, usually out in the yard. While working out there one day he found a pair that had been missing for more than a year.

Willow said...

HA ha i was thinking of the children's story the Princess and the Pea when you said you found the scissors on the mattress under all the covers.
Long ago i was a teenager iI was a waitress one Summer and use to put my dollar bill tips in various hiding spots in my room. Well when i was moving out of my parents house years later I was throwing out and giving away various items. I gave my younger sister some of my VCR videos . the next day she went to watch Bambi and found no video in it but 50 one dollar bills !

Tom Stephenson said...

I once dropped a diamond ring off the end of Brighton Pier, and watched helplessly as it rolled through a crack in the boards and down into the sea.

Imagine my surprise when - 20 years later - I bought a whole fish in a supermarket and found the ring in its gut!

Ok, I lied, but what I cannot understand is how you never felt the scissors sticking into you through the sheet? And, how often do you change your sheets? As little as me, by the sound of it.

Cro Magnon said...

I once caught a fish and found Tom Stephenson inside. I threw it back.

jinxxxygirl said...

Oh yes, And my daughter always got blamed.....until she grew up, moved out and then when things kept disappearing i blamed a ghost....because it was never, never MY

Joanne Noragon said...

I have the most lost and found adventures with scissors, myself.

John Going Gently said...

I couldn't think of anything smutty to say
I must be slipping

Rachel Phillips said...

I never lose things so I cant add anything meaningful to this. I am also very good at finding lost things for other people.

the veg artist said...

After my gran died my aunts did 'find' rather a lot of money which granny had put for safe keeping into jugs, bowls, books, bibles, bags and so on. Her house had stood unoccupied for years, but it was all still there, if a trifle damp.
They put the whole lot into the centre of the table, shared it into four piles for each child. I received 1/4 of my late mother's share.
After making sure we all went to different banks as some of it was no longer legal tender, I bought a gold coin, which I still have.
Not exactly a 'lost' story, but a memorable 'find'!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

My sewing scissors - among other things. And whatever has gone missing is later found right exactly where I looked and looked and looked. My son has a theory - he says that there are little blue men (blue so we can't see them, we think they are air) and their job is to touch things and make sure they appear where they should be - but sometimes they get so busy that they forget something and so we look and look for it - but don't see it because the little blue men haven't touched it to make it appear. And then finally when they get caught up - there is it - right where we looked for it.

Well, it makes as much sense as anything else. Glad you finally found the scissors.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Tom - I change the sheets weekly, but never move the electric blanket, so they were still not visible.

And Tom again, the scissors were under both a mattress cover and a fleecy electric blanket - and they were also 'points down'.

John - I am not surprised by your lack of thinking of anything 'smutty' your brain must be worn out with managing to find things to put on your own blog!!
Glad to hear from you all that I am not alone in loss and finding things,

mansuetude said...

... but where Do all the missing socks go to ? ;)