Tuesday, 2 September 2014

In full swing.

The last silage cut of the season is in full swing on all the farms around here today.   For the first time in a few weeks the weather forecast is for dry weather throughout the week.   In fact, over the last hour the sun has disappeared and the sky is now totally cloudy, but all the pine cones on our drive (under the Scots pine trees) are fully open and the farmer says this is a good indication that it will stay dry.   Didn't there used to be an old musical hall song, "And when I got hold of my seaweed, I knew it was going to be wet?"  I suppose indications like seaweed and pinecones are as good as   anything else in forecasting the weather.   Anyway - fingers crossed for all the farms round here as all the grass is down and drying.

My morning was spent in town and then in a coffee shop with friend W.   The afternoon has been spent cleaning silver and brass, cleaning out several cupboards (hard when one has a dodgy knee and the cupboards are at floor level), and ticking the jobs off on the list I made (always the most satisfying bit).

Are you a list maker?   I almost make lists of lists.  Also I cheat.   Today I made my 'jobs intended today' list and then, when I was half way through them I remembered I had to ring and make an appointment to see the Optometrist, so I did that.   Then I added that job to my list and ticked it off.  Am I daft or am I daft?


angryparsnip said...

No you are not daft but very smart.
I job done is a job done.
I don't make lists everyday but if I know I have a very busy few days/week I make a list and tape it to the door. Just to make sure I don't forget.

cheers, parsnip

donna baker said...

I make lists, then can't find them or don't look at them.

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I love lists - any sort - but specially the sort where you write something down thats already done and cross it off straight away!

MorningAJ said...

There's a lot to be said for adding completed jobs to a list. You HAVE done them - so why not have affirmation of the fact?

Heather said...

You are not the only one who's daft! I make lists too - they're all over the place and I love ticking the jobs off as they are done.
With our weather almost impossible to predict as it is often so localised, I think seaweed and pine cones might be a more accurate guide.

Joanne Noragon said...

I make lots of lists, on all sorts of scraps, and often loose them.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Hi Pat!
I used to be such a great list-maker. Alas, no longer. Not sure what happened. Lately I have taken to posting notes around the house. Like I might leave a note to myself on the kitchen counter to make cream of broccoli soup in the morning, or a note on the TV to remind myself to watch some program in 3 day's time. I put virtual post it notes on the desktop of my computer. That works ok if I remember to look at it.

I have been meaning to tell you that my blog address in your blogroll is incorrect. That's the old address. New one is www.josephinaballerina.wordpress.com
Latest post is a poem I wrote that I think you might like.

You see? Had I put that on a list, I could have had the satisfaction of crossing it out! Oh well!

Smiling at you from Maryland, m & jb

John Gray said...

Pat I do that all the time
It makes me think I've been productive when I review the list the next day!

John Gray said...

Pat I do that all the time
It makes me think I've been productive when I review the list the next day!

the veg artist said...

Yes to being a list-maker. Couldn't manage without them!
My gran used to have a piece of seaweed hanging outside the back door on the farm. I notice the pine cones on my sun-room window sills change, but I also appreciate the BBC weather site!!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh I always make lists - paper and on the computer. I use a program called scribbless.com - I like it because I can keep lists that repeat themselves - like packing for a trip - just unclick the items and it is ready to go again. I also have a list there of important things - like the make and model of my camera (people keep asking and I keep forgetting - so there it is)

I often add things to my list that weren't on it, but that I did anyway - makes me feel like I've accomplished a lot more. Today my list is almost complete - baked cookies - called about ordering a cake for Don's 70th surprise party - called about prescriptions - cleaned and rearranged things in the freezers - inventoried the crafts I am making for the Christmas Craft Fair in December - it is a very good list day.

It is pouring rain today - I have the windows and doors open and love listening to a summer rain - it is supposed to clear off by next Sunday for Don's party.

Cro Magnon said...

My shopping lists are written in the same order as the supermarket products. Household stuff at the bottom, working up to the bakery, then meat etc. I need to stay in more!

Amy said...

I don't normally make lists except shopping lists so I don't go over my budget. Farms are busy here too, many farmers have been calving and milk season is starting all over again.

mrsnesbitt said...

Your house must be spick and span now Pat! Yes I too am a list maker - the beauty of a computer is lists can be reviewed and revived! Our Isle of Man list is updated every year - such a time saver as the days approach the annual sojourn!

Frances said...

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