Saturday, 15 March 2014

This and that.

After days of warm, sunny weather, it is suddenly cold and blowing a gale today.  In other words, back to Winter - very disappointing, but typical of British weather at this time of the year.  Even Tess was pleased to get back into the house after her lunch-time walk (taken by the farmer as, quite frankly, it is almost too windy for me to stand upright).

So now, after a morning drinking cappucinos in a local cafe with friend W, I am inside for the rest of the day.   There is a huge pile of office filing which needs doing - but I have to get myself into the right mood to do that - and at the moment I seem to be successfully practising aversion therapy.  I really don't know why I always let it build up into such a big pile.  If I filed it as it came in it would not present a problem.   But there is something rather cleansing about getting rid of it all.

A friend lost her cheque book yesterday and spent hours searching for it, only to discover it was in her handbag all the time.   If I lose anything like that I usually end up tidying everywhere, cleaning out every possible hiding place, putting everything away - and then when I find it (usually in a simple place) I have this marvellous feeling of everything now being in the correct place (until the next time.)

Are you a tidy person?   I seem to be tidy on the surface but open a drawer at random and the answer may be quite different.  One drawer in the kitchen is full of variety - paper clips, batteries, elastic bands, string,  bulldog clips, even my little hammer.   Often difficult to get the drawer closed, it is still the first place I look for anything which might be missing.

                                               * * * * *

Isn't the problem of the missing aeroplane strange?   The mystery deepens each time I listen to the news and I feel so sorry for all those who have loved ones on the plane.   These days the 'in' word to use is 'closure' - and I can see in this instance that it is a useful word to describe a situation.  Until it is either found intact (but where on earth could it possibly be?) or wreckage is spotted - then the people left behind cannot begin to grieve.

                                               * * * * *

Did you know that today is the Ides of March (Macbeth?) - I always remember the date because (and this makes me feel the most ancient person on the planet) Sixty-two years ago today was the date of my first marriage (to the father of my son, Dominic).  How strange the concept of time is - sometimes it seems like only yesterday and at other times it seems like it is in a previous life.
There is an old lady who lived in our village for many years, and is now resident in a local care home, who was 108 one day last week.   She still has a clear mind but in the body is now very frail.

It is now twentyone years since I married the farmer - how lucky I am to have found (and married) two such wonderful men.  Both have been pillars of strength - maybe the most important characteristic - throughout the marriage.  Incidentally I read that there is a possibility that marriage is coming back into fashion.  I belong to that generation that would feel decidedly uncomfortable cohabiting - although I have absolutely no objection to the condition as long as it doesn't involve me.

Enjoy your weekend.



Heather said...

We have had three days of very gloomy, cold and misty days but today is lovely. I have just used up today's energy working in the garden and am taking a breather with a cup of tea.
In September it will be our 60th wedding anniversary - should we exchange long service medals?!
I hope the mystery of the missing plane is solved. At least the relatives of those lost will know what happened.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Hi Pat1
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your This and That. It reminds me of reading the weekly "About Town" section of the newspaper. I could comment on each of your paragraphs at length. But, instead, I will say: half foot of snow expected here by Monday; cappuccino! oh!; a tidy person who regularly practices Aversion Therapy; where the hell is the plane?!?; two good husbands -a true bounty; sunny, warm, and quiet today, but I am still "Bewaring" the Ides!
Happy Weekend to you and the Farmer.
And thank you for your lovely blog.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I'm fairly tidy- not keen on working in clutter BUT someone else who lives here is so untidy it drives me nuts. It's no good me going to his workshop to find something - just one gi-normous muddle although he says he knows where everything is ( he doesn't!)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Yes, I'm fairly tidy. All except for my desk, which is at this very moment an undeniable fright.
Stay warm!

Sue in Suffolk said...

and as for the mystery of the missing plane - very very odd and awful for the relatives

Gwil W said...

The plane had enough fuel to reach the Pakistan area. I'm adding 2+2 and not getting a good answer. I hope I'm wrong.

What I don't understand is why military jets weren't scrambled immediately when the transponders were turned off and the plane changed course.

Terry and Linda said...

It's very cold and windy here today. Actually nasty. I had so hoped to be able to let the fire go out, but not yet.
♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬

Robin Mac said...

Like you, I let the filing pile up till I can't put another paper down without the whole lot falling off - then I have to act. I feel very virtuous after I have a clean desk again. I am a fairly tidy person, but I make an awful mess when I am in the middle of a project, I don't seem able to clean as I go, but need to have a giant cleanjp at the end.
How wonderful that you have had two such happy marriages. Cheers

angryparsnip said...

I am pretty tidy everywhere in the house but my studio gets somewhat messy, stacked with books, paper, magazines and drawers filled with just stuff.

cheers, parsni

jinxxxygirl said...

I too have been following the mystery of the plane and i sure don't have a good feeling about it..... It could be so many things and none of them good.... I cannot imagine being a friend or family member of someone aboard that plane.. it must be awful.... Sending all good thoughts out into the Universe that somehow this all still ends well.......Hugs! deb

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I'm very tidy - well, except for my studio - it seems to gather all sorts of strange things in piles - until I go in and beat it into submission. Then it is lovely again for a little while. I like things in order and clean, so I don't have much choice - it has to be done.

Our weather was pleasant and nearly up to 60 - then today they forecast a huge storm coming in - 3-8 inches of rain and we are under a flood warning until Monday morning. We personally - and our daughters - are not in danger - but the farm fields will be flooded and some roads - so drivers must be cautious. I'll be glad when the temperatures go up to about 68 and we can spend time on the deck. Right now I'm just hoping that the electricity stays on long enough to finish baking my apple pie.

Cro Magnon said...

Tidy; what's that? I was raised with clutter, I perpetuate the idea of clutter, and I've taught my children to appreciate clutter.

Maybe we will never know what happened to the 'plane. It might even be best that way.

MorningAJ said...

Tidy? I wish! although I wouldn't want to be as neat-minded as an old boss of mine who used to clear his desk every night before he went home. Literally. He even put his phone into a desk drawer because he didn't like it being left on the surface!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for calling in - I really enjoy reading all your comments - its rather like sitting round with a cup of coffee and having a chat (I wish)