Monday, 24 March 2014

Lack of inspiration

Somehow I am sitting here and feeling a total lack of inspiration.   Not sure why because it is total sunshine outside (albeit  freezing cold) and the washing is flapping on the line, and obviously drying, so I can get out the iron shortly.   Are you an ironer, or are you one of those who fold and hope for the best?   I am afraid I iron everything, even the dusters (so that they dry quickly) and shall not break the habit now.

I didn't do a post yesterday because I cooked a major (for me) Sunday dinner, which involved a lot of fiddling about.   It is not my sort of food but sometimes I feel duty bound to cook a meal which the farmer loves.  So we had a pot roast of rare breed Highland beef with roast fennel, potatoes and onions, a casserole of red cabbage, apple and onion, and Yorkshire puddings.  The farmer was pretty chuffed - especially by the gravy with onions, which he loves and rarely gets.

In the evening it was three solid hours of television!!  Blandings I find quite unmissable, the News, Country File and then the introductory programme for Lambing Live, which is to start tomorrow night, coming from the Scottish Borders.  I think the farmer finds it pleasant to watch another farmer working so hard while he is sitting in the comfort of his arm chair!

On Saturday night friend W and I went to a Jazz evening.   We were not sure what we were going to get and what we did get was one singer and one guitarist, playing and 'singing' songs in a jazz style.   Neil Young, the Beatles, Jerome Kern, - songs both of us like - but we prefer them in the conventional style.  Two hours of this was rather a long time and we were not unhappy when it came to an end.

Change of subject - friend S bought some new hens on the same day that we bought ours (the farmer and S and T went together to buy them).   I have just had an e mail from S to say that hers have started to lay.   I must say ours still look a long way from laying, but we had better keep a weather eye on them, because they didn't lay in the nest box.

Well, that has filled my space today - sorry if it is a bit boring.
I have a busy week this week.   Hospital tomorrow for a steroid injection in my ankle; Poetry on Wednesday; trip out with friend W on Thursday: trip over to Kirby Lonsdale on Friday with friend W to meet friends for lunch; out to dinner on Friday evening with the shooting syndicate (do I eat a very light lunch (gorgeous Italian restaurant, where I love the food)) or do I eat a small meal in the evening at the Carvery (not my kind of food at all)?


mrsnesbitt said...

I sat with our hens for nearly an hour.......lovely start to the day. Now.....laundry!

Linda Metcalf said...

I iron every thing especially my pillow cases...nothing smells so wonderful as clean bedding that has been ironed.

Em Parkinson said...

I'm a semi-ironer; pillow cases, yes, sheets and duvet covers, no. I've expanded my repertoire to t-shirts, both mine and OB's but M can do his own if he wants....which he doesn't!

MorningAJ said...

Iron? What's that then? We do own one. I'm not sure when it was last plugged in.

jinxxxygirl said...

I do not think your day to day life is a bit boring...... It is different than mine so there for interesting. :) And i love the way you speak... 'keep a weather eye' Just makes me smile. And its great to have a smile with my cup of coffee in the morning!

I iron all our clothes..... and you reminded me that my grandmother used to iron her sheets and when i was a little girl she used to let me iron the pillow cases and Linda is right nothing smells so wonderful when you climb in bed. Hugs! deb

Heather said...

Your posts are never boring Pat. That Sunday dinner sounds wonderful. No wonder the farmer was happy and could relax over his busman's holiday of TV programmes. I hope the hens aren't laying away and am looking forward to hearing about next week's activities. Have a good lunch of your favourite food and a small meal in the evening. Enjoy!

Dartford Warbler said...

Ironing - I do the minimum really. Shirts and things that crease. Bedding- no. So many things are almost crease free if you dry them outside on the line.

You have a interesting week coming up. I hope the steroid injection really helps. Hope the new hens start laying too!

angryparsnip said...

Not a boring post at all.
Today your post is much like Johns, filled with everyday living that I find so interesting. The wonderful dinner for the Farmer, night of music, news about the chickens. What is not to enjoy with my coffee.
I was going to ask about how the chickens where doing, have you named them yet ?

cheers, parsnip

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

I really don't like ironing and iron as little as possible. Just about all our hens are laying now, I'm pleased to say. Im sure yours will too any day soon

John Going Gently said...

I've had the same sort of day pat x

Virginia said...

We love Blandings too! Quite unmissable! We are also enjoying an Australian series called "Miss Fisher", about a society woman in Melbourne in the 1920s who is a private investigator. Wonderful period costumes and an authentic (well, reasonably!) atmosphere.

Cloudia said...

a full day! Eat what pleases-

ALOHA from Honolulu

=^..^= <3

mumasu said...

I do loads of ironing, I find it calming in a satisfying way, going from an big crumpled pile to smooth piles for each member of the family.

If I was choosing I would eat more of what I enjoy at lunch and just eat a little at the carvery. Whichever you choose have a good time :)

Gwil W said...

Have never known you stuck for inspiration. You should have your own farmhouse cookery spot on TV.