Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hard work beckons.

Another absolutely fantastic Spring day.   How quickly the sunshine makes us forget the awful wet weather of the Winter, although of course it will not be like that in the South West, where they will be cleaning up for many months to come.

The bonfire of yesterday is now reduced to a sprinkling of ash in the field.  The field looks tidy - and what's more it looks loved.  It has not been looked after for years and one reason the farmer bought it when it came on to the market was that it stood between our fields and it really annoyed him to see it so neglected.

This morning he has gone with tractor and trailer the fifteen or so miles to buy stakes and rails - so necessary here to repair fencing before the stock are let out for the Summer.

Now the jobs begin to pile up.  There is fertiliser to be spread on the fields, all the grassland needs harrowing, all the fences need repairing, all the 'muck' removed last week from the loose housing, needs spreading.   Cattle go out towards the end of April/beginning of May - which will be here before we know it.   So it is all stations go.

I meanwhile have been compiling my next Quiz.   I produce cryptic quizzes for our local Nature Reserve, in order to raise a bit of money for them.  I really enjoy compiling them and we are beginning to get quite a following of folk who enjoy doing them.  At £1 a sheet most people are happy to buy one and look forward to a bit of brain work.   Wish you all lived near enough to join in.

If it is sunny where you live - soak it up - good for the old bones.


thelma said...

Such a lot of jobs for the Farmer, but then it's spring and the renewal of life and growing stuff is what makes spring. I have been planting beans in pots and my leaf lettuce is already up and growing. Bring on the sun!

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

As you say "The jobs are piling up" but at least we are able to attack them with it being dry.
At this time of year I alternate between excitement and panic!

Mary said...

Just relating to my hubby how busy your hubby is!!! It's so amazing that he is still so able-bodied and can do such huge jobs alone - hats off to him….and all the farmers, no matter where, who work so hard to bring us our food.

Glad your weather is better - I walked at dawn today as it's much warmer now - the birdsong and fresh air were beautiful and I saw many signs of Spring at last in daffodils, crocus and even bursting buds on the magnolia (tulip poplar) tree in my garden.

Happy day dear - Mary

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

It is sunny here too - but with a heavy frost last night - so it won't get very warm - but the sun is wonderful coming in the windows. I think I'll get out some spring decorations.

Dartford Warbler said...

The spring jobs are ready here so we just chip away at them, one at a time. A bit of fencing was repaired this morning and the ponies enjoyed another day without rugs on their backs.

I hope Tess is coping without her old friend.

John Going Gently said...

Been catching up myself today!
Once you start you cannot stop

Em Parkinson said...

Me too....I don;t feel like I'm getting anywhere though!

Heather said...

We were supposed to have a fine and sunny day today but it has been cold with a spiteful little breeze and mist all day - one disadvantage of living only a few miles from the Severn. Maybe tomorrow it will be warmer again. Glad conditions are good for the farmer to get some of those vital jobs done around the farm. The quiz sounds like fun and such a good way of raising funds.

Cro Magnon said...

Cattle are now outdoors here, and loving it.

Unfortunately I live in an area with no hedges, no stone walls, and no proper fencing. Animals are subjected to movable electric fencing.... not nice.

The Weaver of Grass said...

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