Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hens and other matters.

No new hens until the middle of February.   Friend S, who has been researching the possibility, rang me to say that her supplier has not P O L pullets ready until then.    As it happens, this is a good thing because from today I shall probably not find much time to blog in the coming week.

My daughter in law has had a new hip and came out of hospital yesterday (she only had the op on Wednesday), so I am going to be involved in keeping her company while my son goes to work.   Luckily we live close by and the farmer will drive me there each morning.  Since my black-out I am unable to drive and probably will not ever drive again.

Changing the subject slightly (although still involving feathers!) we seem to have a cock and two hen pheasants who have taken up permanent residence in our front, walled garden.   They have breakfast, lunch and supper at our bird table (and will be included in the Big Garden Bird Watch count this morning) and roost in the Scots pins at night.   They are scratching the soil all over and I am quite pleased about this as they should be working it over well.

Last year a hen pheasant nested just under the landing window in the same garden, hatched off a dozen chicks, took them out under the front gate into the field and (we hope) reared most of them.   The farmer saw her once or twice (he thought it was her anyway) shepherding her brood about.   I hope it is the same hen now and that she has survived the guns and will breed there again - so watch this space.

The day is horrible - windy, dark and wet.   Seems to me that there will be few birds around for the big bird count today.


Arija said...

You may have an incestuous relationship in your pheasant family. Could your last year's pheasants have raised a hen and brought her with them? You will certainly find out when they start nesting , at least in respect of your last year's hen.

Elizabeth said...

Wishing your daughter in law a speedy recovery.
My dream is to have chickens one day!

A Heron's View said...

Pheasants will eat almost anything and are very partial to kitchen scraps. We have cock pheasant who regularly visits our back garden for a feed every afternoon. One can almost set one's watch by him.

Heather said...

A nasty day here too Pat. We have seen Mr and Mrs Black Cap feeding in our front garden and have had regular visits from two beautiful thrushes recently. How nice to think that your pheasant might bring up her babies each year in your garden.
I do hope your daughter-in-law will soon be feeling more comfortable and make a good recovery. She'll be glad of your company and help until she becomes mobile herself.

mrsnesbitt said...

We had a flurry of snow this morning so nipped out to get supplies - wine and bread lol! should we be stuck indoors. Must say Pat I cooked a delicious pie this week - check out the recipe on my blog, have to say this is one of the most delicious dishes to date.

angryparsnip said...

Best Wishes to your DIL for a speedy recovery.
I can not wait to hear the news of the new chickens and the Pheasants in the yard. Possibly the name of a poem, painting or book of photographs.

cheers, parsnip

Em Parkinson said...

My count wasn't too bad today but we've had snow! Best wishes to your daughter-in-law, poor thing.

Cro Magnon said...

The only Pheasants here are reared, bought, released, and shot. Back in the UK they were permanent residents in our gardens. Lucky you.

Cloudia said...

lovely day book as always, dear P

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >
=^..^= <3

MorningAJ said...

It was snowing in Scarborough by the time we left yesterday - but I don't think it was settling (We didn't stay long enough to find out, once it turned that cold!)

Our birdwatching was mainly herring gulls and turnstones, though I won't be reporting them to the RSPB because I wasn't well enough organised to make it a valuable observation.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Big bird count day was cold and windy with snow showers, so there were more birds about than I expected.
Thanks for visiting.

Terry and Linda said...

I don't think I will get any baby chicks this year. I have five old hens and Tom the Turkey. Guess that is what I will keep.