Saturday, 14 December 2013

An empty day.

Today there is absolutely nothing that I have to do - I am totally free.   It is a good feeling and I shall revel in it.

Maybe I shall give my fridge a good clean out and wash, so that it is ready to accept Christmas food - but then again I might leave it for another day.

One thing I shall do is to concoct something tasty for lunch from whatever I happen to have in there.   It seems to consist of two chicken breasts, an unopened pack of button mushrooms, some new potatoes and some cheese.  (Tomorrow the farmer is taking friend W and me out for Christmas lunch), so I shall go and dice the chicken, chop the onions and mushrooms, par boil the potatoes and make some cheese sauce.   Then I shall assemble it all, put the sliced potatoes on the top, grate over some parmesan and pop it in the oven.  I hope it will turn out to be a tasty treat - time will tell.

Strong winds and storms are forecast for this area again - but at present it is the calm before the storm with warm temperatures (ten degrees), a slight breeze and sunshine.  When the sun is low in the sky, as it is now, our house gets beautifully warm (we face due South).   Tess is well aware of where the sun hits and follows it around - at present on to the stairs where she slumps rather than sits, eyes closed, lapping up every sunbeam.

The farmer is away clearing up briars he has cut off the hedges and branches which have fallen off the trees during the last storm.   The briars will form the basis of the last bonfire before Christmas and the branches will be sawn up for the log burner.   Country life is good.


Bovey Belle said...

I have a "bye day" too, so I am making cheese bread, and an apple swirl type bread, and then it will be sewing and watching the jumps racing this afternoon.

our main meal is destined to be something with mince!

Gwil W said...

This morning I went as usual to the Saturday Farmers Outdoor Market and bought some pieces of turkey, a smoked trout and three cakes made by a jolly farm lady, I imagine her to be a bit like you Pat, non stop between kitchen oven and table. the sun is shinning so I will go for a run in a couple of hours. Then I shall just flop myself in front of the TV and watch some nature documentaries. Tomorrow they are showing episode 3, and on Tuesday episode 4 the final one featuring the battle with Uriah Heap. Yes, David Copperfield is currently on the BBC channel we can receive in Austria. Great stuff!

Heather said...

I love the smell of a good bonfire - it always reminds me of my grandfather and I have a mental picture of him standing by his bonfire with a big stick to lean on, and occasionally prod the fire. The scent of a logfire is lovely too.
Your 'makeshift' lunch sounds delicious. Happy empty day!

Cro Magnon said...

Occasionally when I have a totally 'free' day, I end up doing more than I would on a 'full' day. Ain't that life!!!

Mary said...

Pat, your day sounds perfect to me too! 'revel in it' is definitely a lovely option at this busy season.

Today I changed bed linens and put the warmer light brushed flannel sheet on bottom, the lovely linen covered duvet on top - enough to be snug especially with the old-fashioned hot water bottles which we love in Winter. We then cut the heat down at night.

Next I shall complete my US Christmas cards to be mailed on Monday - not sending that many this year - postage is ridiculous now!

Then I plan to clean out kitchen drawers and hopefully find my folder of holiday recipes which has disappeared - you know, all those dozens of magazine recipes that we hoard and never use anyway - Delia's book will suffice!

After that, sort my sock drawer in the dressing table. It's in such disarray I can hardly find a matching pair - and socks are best friends now it's chilly!

I will make a blackberry and apple crumble for supper - to follow whatever I too can rustle up from leftovers!

Needless to say, I'm not leaving home today - it's cold, raining and miserable out there.....and I refuse to crawl with thousands through the malls!

Hugs - Mary

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

That sounds like a wonderful day. Last night we had a big party for our youngest daughter's birthday - the whole family was here (except those living in West Virginia) and we had such a good time. Today we have an estate sale to go to - then a tiny bit of shopping for some last minute food items for christmas eve and christmas day - then home to finish wrapping the packages to mail to family and friends - and to eat leftovers from yesterday's party.

mrsnesbitt said...

Steak tonight Pat. Dxx

angryparsnip said...

Sounds lovely !

cheers, parsnip

MorningAJ said...

We've been to the farm shop today so I've been portioning up the stuff we bought for the freezer. I also did a rather nice beef in beer that we had for dinner. And we've done a huge tidy up before the decorations go up. I've got as far as doing the tree, but the rest can wait till tomorrow!

Arija said...

Country life is good, amen to that.

Pondside said...

On such a day, Country Life is good, indeed!
I look forward to an 'empty' day soon too. Right now, I am running out of day as darkness begins to fall. The house isn't yet 'done' but I guess it will just have to wait, as I am certainly 'done in'!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lunch turned out to be quite tasty and - true to form - I found more to do than I do on a busy day! Thanks for calling.

Cloudia said...

Indeed :)

Doc said...

I don't believe we have ever had an "empty day" as there is always something that needs doing. I do love a bonfire as well, it is such a relief to get all the debris turned to a small ash pile.