Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Can I first of all say, before I start writing this post,  that I am overjoyed that Andy Murray won the Wimbledon Championship on Sunday afternoon.    His standard of play, his sportsmanship, his ability to give pleasure, excitement, thrills and almost-heart-attacks to millions around the world were a joy to watch.   Also, I am sure that he so wanted to win at Wimbledon, so wanted to break that 76 year wait for a Brit to win the title, that he would happily have played the tournament for no money at all.

But today in the Times there is an article about money, about fashion, about all things to do with sponsorship, that makes me despair of the modern world.

The prize for winning Wimbledon is apparently £1.6 million (far too much says the farmer, whose idea of these kinds of sums is back well into the twentieth century).   Many sponsorship deals will follow - he already sports a Radio Hyperchrome automatic watch which he found time to slip onto his wrist before accepting the trophy.

And yet, through all the fuss, all the 'hype' he managed to maintain his dignity.   All the top sportsmen get this kind of money, so why shouldn't he.   He found time the day after his win to have a knock about at a South London Sports centre with a three year old boy, a policeman, teenagers, a postman and a vicar who brought his dog on court with him.  Then he changed into his suit and went to tea at number 10!

And I love the way when asked whether he intended to 'pop the question' to his long-time girl friend in a radio interview he replied that he hadn't thought about it but that if he had he wouldn't be telling the interviewer first!

Then I read about the fashions among the spectators.   Posh stood out in what looked rather like a petticoat to me, but was apparently a next-season dress by Louis Vuitton and the fashion article I read
(again in the Times) says it (the dress) was saying, "Look at me! I've got these clothes before you".  Apparently she has a 'special relationship' with Vuitton.  The dress that Andy's girl friend wore to the final was a Victoria Beckham dress but the article doesn't leave it at that - there is a 'snipe' suggesting that it was more than a coincidence that Simon Fuller manages the publicity for both Murray and Beckham (Posh).   The article concludes by saying that a cynical person might be tempted to sigh deeply and shout 'Get a Life' - well here is one person who is doing just that.

Congratulations Andy on giving me - and millions of others - an afternoon to remember, the need to buy a new box of tissues, the proud feeling of huge achievement for Great Britain, and something to blog about.   I for one couldn't care less what anyone was wearing and why. 

STOP PRESS    A rabbit was seen, calmly eating off the front lawn at dusk last night - so now we have them in front and back gardens; the farmers comment this time was that if they ate the lawn grass and saved him mowing it then he was all for it.


Arija said...

I sat up till after 2 očlock in the morning to watch it. Both players were absolute gentlemen and sportsmen at the interviews. Hats off to them. Andy was so thrilled he could remember nothing about the game. I thought that a great change from verbally rehashing the whole thing.
Clothes, I could not care one bit about. I am my own woman and in my day set fashion rather than following it. I designed and made my own and the money, well they have to pay a large entourage to get where they are, from trainers to health professionals and managers. There is a whole bunch of them who also dip into the purse. Working so hard to win a tournament, they get paid much less than the millions some film stars get.

Twiglet said...

I liked Kim's frock but I can't honestly think anybody really cares where and how she got it - weren't we all far too engrossed in the brilliant tennis and perfect sportsmanship - something we can all be proud of. I hope Andy goes on to win many more championships and no doubt he will see others benefit from his own hard work and good fortune too.
x Jo

Pondside said...

I missed the dresses, but loved the match!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I thought Andy did brilliantly, and i think there will be more grand slams in the future.

I think the rabbits will make great little lawn mowers, just keen Tess away from them!

Heather said...

The farmer could have the right attitude with regard to rabbits and grass! At least if they are eating the grass they aren't eating your lettuce.
I think that journalists are paid to write anything controversial these days, regardless of whether it reflects their beliefs.
As for fashion - if I want a laugh I look at the weekend supplement in the Telegraph.

Rachel said...

Titbits like the publicity agent for Murray and Posh is the same person is interesting and that the girlfriend's dress is a Posh dress design. I love it. I love a bit of gossip. I was brought up on William Hickey.

Bovey Belle said...

I didn't see the match - we were late back from selling at a far-away boot sale, and my OH does NOT care for tennis. I'm SO glad he won though - he deserved to, and seems such a genuine honest man.

I said exactly the same thing about Posh and her silly outfit - "She's only got a petticoat on"! I thought she looked daft. A bit like the Emperor's New Clothes.

At least if the rabbits are eating the lawn, they are leaving your veg alone!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Seems we are all of one mind - but there must be plenty of others who are interested, otherwise these folk would never thrive.
Thanks for visiting.