Friday, 22 February 2013

Where does it go?

Time, I mean.   Yesterday I truly did not have time to put a blog on.
I hardly had time to look at my e mails - in fact I almost left them for the day, but luckily I looked at them early yesterday evening and found that there were one or two which needed early answers. But isn't it good that I manage to keep so busy, I ask myself.

Yesterday we had our Poetry day.   If you love poetry and have one or two friends who love it too, then I do recommend that you do as we did and form a Poetry Group.

There were seven of us yesterday and we had such a lovely afternoon.   After each poem we had a discussion on the poem and on the background to it and I am sure we all came away feeling so uplifted by it on what was a miserable, cold, grey day.

Today is our coffee in the Golden Lion morning, so this is necessarily a short post.   That will mean another morning of 'jollity' - really I am so lucky to live amongst such a wonderful group of friends.

Did anyone else watch the BBC1 Eddie Izzard programme on going back 200,000 years through his DNA?   I found it fascinating and seeing the Bushmen of the Kalahari and the Pygmies of Central Africa at such close quarters was a delight.   When we know that we really are all descended from the same part of Africa and from the same small group of homo sapiens (with a bit of neanderthal here and there) you can't help but wonder why we can't all agree.
Why are there such terrible wars?   Well, I suppose it was ever thus, and always will be - and the more terrible weapons we manage to invent the worse it will be.  



MorningAJ said...

I daren't get too far into a discussion about why there are such terrible wars. Often the worst conflicts are between those who are closest. It's like humans feel the need to emphasise differences, rather than celebrate them.

Have a good coffee morning!

Gwil W said...

Today is yesterday's tomorrow and tomorrow's yesterday.

Tom Stephenson said...

Tribes, eh? Nothing but trouble.

Dominic Rivron said...

There is no reason to think war will go on forever. If there is one lesson one can learn from going back hundreds of thousands of years it is that for thousands of years at a time people have lived with completely different sets of assumptions to the ones we carry around with us today.

As for "recent" history, what would our ancestors have made of antibiotics and central heating? Unthinkable. Similarly there's no reason to think war will play a part in the future.

As for the bigger picture, and evolution, we have absolutely no idea what we are evolving into.

Bovey Belle said...

I fear the technology gene which gave us superb flint hand tools will finally be the death of our society as we leap forever from an older technology to a new one. I missed the Eddie Izzard programme (typical)- sounded interesting too.

angryparsnip said...

Your busy days sound so much better than just sitting in front of a computer !
I envy the village life you lead and have made for yourself because you live in a village. Did I say that right ?

cheers, parsnip

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

It is good to keep busy and have great friends - it certainly does bring cheer. Your get-togethers sound delightful.

Heather said...

It is 6pm and I have only just got to my laptop to see what has been going on today! I love being a member of 'my' textile group and have spent the day stewarding our current exhibition and meeting lots of lovely people. Glad you had a lovely day yesterday.
If only we could learn from the past perhaps there would be fewer wars.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for calling - not altogether sure I agree with Dominic's comment, but it is at least optimistic. I just feel that with the way weapons of war are going we may well destroy ourselves before that stage is reached.

Em Parkinson said...

Time just slips through the fingers like sand and then on down the plug hole, never to be retrieved. Fifty is looming and I just don't seem to get anything done in a day that I feel I should do. The Eddie Izzard programme was great, I agree.