Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Thief of Time.

Oh dear, how true that saying is.   There is no doubt in my mind that Procrastination is indeed the thief of time.  I am brilliant at procrastination - have a gold medal in it.   And at no time in the year is that more evident than at the end of January, April, July and
October.   Why is this so?

The answer lies in the dreaded VAT return.   In order to post the VAT return on line then I have to have the ledger up to date and balanced.   And in order to have the ledger up to date and balanced I have to have entered every invoice, cheque, transaction etc.

I pile them up in the "in" basket and leave it.   Every time I go into the study it shouts  'look at me!' and everytime I ignore it.   'I'll do it tomorrow' becomes my mantra. 

Today is crunch time.   The second of February and perhaps the best day to do it.   But this morning was the'First of the Month' coffee morning in our village hall.   I love to go to that as it is the only opportunity for folk like me, who live slightly outside the village, to meet and chat with friends.   So friend, W, came and collected me (I can't drive again at the moment, having had another, albeit very slight, attack) - I am very grateful to her for taking the trouble, so thank you W.

Now, there is a possibility that the local Hunt will be around chasing that 'Foxy-whiskered gentleman with black prick ears and sandy whiskers' as they have informed the farmer they will be in the area.   And, if they come past, I don't want to miss that as I could perhaps get a good photograph for the blog.   

So - maybe I will do the books in the morning.   But then, we have been invited out to tea tomorrow, so perhaps Monday is a better day.  And so it goes on.


Reader Wil said...

Good luck with the books! Not my favourite occupation either! Thanks for your comment on the floods in the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium and now in Australia.
Our countries have a lot in common indeed. Our mutual enemy is water. Let's hope that we will never ever experience a flood.

jerilanders said...

So delighted to meet you through VALERIE! I love that are a shepherdess and farmer. I Have a very small flock. I do wish you would send the Fox hunters my way, we have a "sandy haired gentleman" with a particular fondness for my chickens.
I have the same procrastination problem when it comes to filing my taxes. It is easy to put off unpleasant experiences, so , maybe I will think about it tomorrow.

angryparsnip said...

All my procrastinations has to do with collecting tax information and sending it to my financial people. Now I have to find some old checks that prove I paid my 2nd quarter taxes.... argh !
On the good news front sounds like the weather is better so you can get out and about.

cheers, parsnip

Country Gal said...

That would be wonderful if you could get photos of the hunters and their hounds ! We have our accountant to do our taxes it is easier lol ! It is snowing heavily here in Ontario Canada and it looks so pretty even though I have been dreaming of spring ! It was floods and fires twice in the 1800's that this village we live in and it's industry perished but it is slowly getting back on its feet . Have a good day !

Woman Seeking Center said...

One of my favorite things about "tomorrow" is:

*It's always a better date for doing the unlikeable

*It's always hopeful after a bad day

*It's always cheerful after a good day to thing of having a duplicate

But, mostly, I like it for the first reason given lol

Stay strong and hope you get a pic of the sandy gent!


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

And if, as in the song - the sun'll come out tomorrow - the we've all find reason to do something fun instead. Today we are expecting 53 degrees and sun when the marine fog burns off - a delightful winter day up here in very northwest Washington State - so we shall go out and look for the flocks of thousands of over-wintering Snow Geese and flocks of Trumpeter Swans - a good thing for a sunny day. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with friends.

Heather said...

I took a course in book-keeping many years ago and hated it, so can fully sympathise. I am so glad I don't run a business and have to deal with all the paper work. You will feel so pleased with yourself when you finally get round to the dreaded task. Good luck.

Dartford Warbler said...

The dreaded tax forms are the major cause of procrastination in this house. It always gets done eventually, with much groaning and gnashing of teeth......

Village events are so important when you live a little away from others, so it is good to know that you have friends who can provide lifts for now. Our village pantomime has been keeping everyone busy here. I have been on kitchen duty doing teas and coffees and it is an enjoyable way to keep in touch,

Pondside said...

We have procrastination in common, when it comes to numbers and paperwork. All those other things you can do are much more interesting!

Robin Mac said...

Is there anyone who doesn't procrastinate with the dreaded paperwork? Like you I postpone it to the very last minute, there is always something outside much more interesting. I hope the hunt comes past and you can get some photos. Cheers

The Weaver of Grass said...

Glad that everyone in blogland seems to suffer the dreaded disease of procrastination! Yes, Country Gal, we too have an accountant but we only see her once a year and by then our books need to be balanced and in pristine order (well they do to satisfy me) and I still have to do the quarterly vat returns.
Sadly the hunt didn't come our way yesterday, so no photographs - they were on the horizon and the farmer watched them through binoculars.

Dave King said...

This one went home - always thought I was the world's best procrastinator!

mrsnesbitt said...

Jon received a bill from the VAT chappie to the tune of £2,000. Fortunately he had calculated for it.

Cloudia said...

you might see a grand procession!

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