Monday, 11 February 2013

It is not yet Winter Past

Wake up this morning to an inch of snow and an icy wind.  The temperature is neither freezing nor thawing, but sitting on 0 degrees.
I am afraid I am a bit of a traditionalist and I still do my main washing load on a Monday.   Because there was a sharp wind blowing and the sun was out, I decided to peg it out on the line and in no time at all it was dry.  For the first time in weeks I ironed sweet-smelling clothes full of fresh air - and it was a delight I can tell you.

Now, mid-afternoon, the snow is beginning to go and while this morning everywhere was beautiful and pristine-white, it is now a dirty grey and slushy.   So any positive feelings I had about it this morning (and believe me they were very scanty to start with) have vanished and I am looking towards drawing the curtains, switching on soft lighting and sitting by the log burner.

Did anyone else watch the BAFTA awards last night?   Is it just me and sour grapes?  After all, I love the cinema and admire many of the actors greatly, but as they walk down the red carpet (particularly the women I have to say) there do seem to be a lot of poseurs, lots of preening women, standing in the pose which they know shows them off to their best advantage.  Of course there are men too but George Clooney I would forgive anything.

And of course, just as I am thinking this and getting rather sickened by it all, along comes Judi Dench, looking as charming as ever, and then Helen Mirren - two ladies of such elegance, neither of whom appear to have the slightest 'side' to them and I think I am imagining it all.

My photograph shows the front garden at eight o'clock this morning - now it is a very different picture with lots of slush about.   Still, the aconites are still glowing yellow under the shrubs and I am clinging on to that.   Spring is not far away.   


Arija said...

We seem to be in complete agreement both about wind dried sheets and actresses.

The internet part of my computer died and until my new ne arrives, I have n way of posting and can only manage to comment now and again at the discretion of my antiquated lap-top that also seems to have a gremlin in the works.

Stay warm and before you know it, yur garden will be awash with all those pretty little spring flowers that gladden the heart.

mrsnesbitt said...

Dame Helen Pat - did you see her hair! Wow! Fantastic I have booked my appointment!!!!!!!!

MorningAJ said...

I try not to watch award shows. Last night wound me up because I really don't know what was wrong with Stephen Fry, but he just seemed to be trying too hard. It's rare that I don't laugh at his jokes, but last night was uncomfortable.

John Going Gently said...

I tured off
Stephen fry got all a bit too gushing for me

Rachel Phillips said...

We do not watch award shows full stop.

Heather said...

There is nothing like the scent of freshly ironed laundry that has been dried outside.
We don't watch the awards ceremony but I know what you mean. Judi Dench is a favourite of mine. George Clooney - not bad, but I'm being faithful to Gregory Peck.
Keep warm and enjoy the aconites. I can't grow them here but am enjoying the snowdrops.

rkbsnana said...

Love line dried laundry. I love just looking at it on the line. Alas, where I live if I put clothes on the line those nasty chiggers get on them.

A said...

Judi Dench always has seemed more "real" than a lot of that crowd, and I respect her for that. It's warmed up nicely here and while it's still a bit soggy out I'm enjoying myself greatly.

Cloudia said...

what a spare, agreeable little path you take us down today! Fresh laundry is one of life's joys.
I saw the bright morning, and wanted tea when you described afternoon clouding. Yes, I fear I've long since tired of the poseurs (their job after all) and agree with your assessment of the great ladies....All the best dear
Aloha to YOU
from Honolulu,
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° >

Gwil W said...

I saw 30 seconds, no not even that, then I switched off.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I know what you mean about Stephen Fry - I do not find him faintly amusing - and as John says, he is always a bit too gushing.
Agree about Helen Mirren's hair too - if you get yours done Denise, I'll follow you into the salon.
Thanks for calling.

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

I cannot wait for summer when I can line dry my sheets again. Very ice here too, hope you can stay warm and dry. Loved Helen Mirren's hair and thought her and Judy Dench looked elegant.

Elizabeth said...

I'm still licking my lips at the description of your dinner party!
Awards shows are pretty awful in general.
They had the "Grammys" here and I did not know who anyone was...
that is because I know nothing about contemporary music.
Some of the young musicians looked charming!

Reader Wil said...

I like Judy Dench and Helen Mirren! But I didn't see that show.
I have the feeling that your climate goes hand in hand with ours. It is not very cold at the moment, and the street are free of ice, but I managed to fall from my bike when I happened to cycle on the only street where the ice had not melted yet. I' ve nothing broken, but I am a bit stiff now.
Have a great week!

John Going Gently said...

I think a few members of the llanasa WI will be reading your blog soon x

Gwil W said...

I like the new picture for spring on your header. Nature the optimist!

Golden West said...

Yes, line dried laundry has the sweetest smell - reminds me of my childhood!