Sunday, 5 August 2012

Rain, rain and more rain.

My little hedgehog (yes, I have adopted him/her) was walking down the middle of the drive yesterday so I moved him again on to the grass because I thought if the farmer came down the drive on his tractor he may well be too high up to spot the little fellow. I put out a saucer of water and a saucer of cat food but although I put it well under the bushes my hens were determined to get at it, and in any case he appeared to ignore it. You will see that I have put him on my header for a day or two. Let's hope he survives.

I worried about him last evening when we had a horrendous thunderstorm and one inch of rain fell in ten minutes. And now, as I look out of the hall window as I am writing this, it is pouring with rain again. It is the farmer's walk today, so I hope it is not raining where they are walking otherwise his new wet weather equipment will get a good testing.

How well we did in the Olympics yesterday. I suppose Jessice Ennis has got to be the highlight in the Heptathlon - she seemed so slightly built compared with the other competitors, and quite a bit shorter. Yet she pulled out and passed them all in that final run. What splendid athletes they all are.

I'm afraid that everything else has been put on hold by me while the Olympics are on. I am totally glued to the television - burning pans notwithstanding - knowing that there will not be another occasion like this in my life time. And so my creative thoughts are also on hold. Also I have just had a phone call inviting me out to lunch so must go and get all ready because my friend is also an Olympic freak and she is popping down out of the goodness of her heart to collect me (the farmer has the car). See you later


Tom Stephenson said...

I love hedgehogs. I fed one salmon in a garden restaurant once, and after it has finished, it just lay down and slept in front of all the other diners - loudly snoring.

Elizabeth said...

I have never seen a hedgehog in real life though they feature so largely in English children's books!
Glad he is your little friend.
The Olympics are rather fun.
Especially love Gabby the American gymnast girl with the big grin!
Happy TV watching

Heather said...

Your hedgehog looks quite fit and well so I hope he/she survives. Dick has had to kill an injured young hen blackbird this morning - sadly she was past recovery. I hope it wasn't the one who was sunbathing by my feet last week.
Enjoy your lunch and shared Olympics viewing with your friend. What a good thing she is also keen. I have overdosed on it this past week and feel as if I could do with the services of a good physiotherapist myself! I think all the upheaval of the new boiler and freezer, plus the necessary cleaning and replacing of everything during the same period has caught up with me. It involved some very early starts too.

Joanne Noragon said...

I hope your little hedgehog charge is a survivor. If he was orphaned or abandoned he seems to have the gumption to get up and go find food. Just not in the road.

Golden West said...

What a wonderful wee creature! I hope he fares well!

Gerry Snape said...

I bet you were watching Andy murray...I wept!! ...the thunder has reached us now and the clouds have once again burst....!do you think that the hedgehog is alright to be wandering in the day? every time one of mine does that I find it dead a week or so later. I could do with advice.

Hildred said...

Oh, what a little sweetheart -hope you grow to be good friends and that he shuns all the adverse things that can happen to baby hedgehogs. It is so nice, Pat, to see your wonderful enthusiasm for the Olympics, - it was that way here when they were in Vancouver, but somehow I don't seem to have been caught up in them so much this time around.

angryparsnip said...

Fabulous header.
I am so enamored of hedgehogs. I think I have read all the English children's books and fell in love.
You are so lucky to have your own Hedgehog. I hope she/he is not sick and will survive at your farm.

The Olympics are rather fun but our coverage, NBC, is just awful. I have to constantly be switching channels to see the events I want and not commentators doing dumb interviews and weird stuff. Please just show me the events with commentators who know what they are talking about !

WooHoo !
I just watched Andy Murry win a Gold ! I am so happy !

cheers, parsnip

Bovey Belle said...

I've watched the Olympics sporadically. I watched all the x-country and the show jumping which formed the 3rd part of the eventing. Then I've caught various bits in passing but today I've seen virtually none, having had to sew up some thief proof pockets for my sons trousers (he is off back-packing in Europe next week). Usually I am glued to the TV for the track events etc.

I hope your Hedgehog survives. Sadly, my husband had to dispatch a road casualty this week. We thought it was dead (on the lane for 24 hrs), but then we walked past and it was trying to move and obviously in agony, so he had to despatch it - never nice.

We've had some heavy monsoon-like showers here. Slightly worried about eldest daughter who is at a music festival in the Peak District - not too far then from Chester, where the racing was abandoned after the 3rd race. . . I have a suspicion the Peak District shared the weather!

Pondside said...

We're enjoying all of it, albeit after the fact of each event. The time difference makes it difficult to watch in real time. We did see Gillian Carleton race in the women's pursuit yesterday - her grandmother is an acquaintance of mine and Gillian comes from here, so it was a thrill to see her win bronze.

steven said...

i remember coming over a style somewhere in the dales on the pennine way and there was a hedgehog just wandering past. in my whole life it's the only one i've seen in the wild and i can still vividly recall it to this very moment. take good care of the little guy weaver! steven

Dartford Warbler said...

How lovely to have hedgehog resident in your garden. They used to be so commonplace but now they are almost rarities. I hope your little one survives.

The Solitary Walker said...

Jessica Ennis is fabulous.

And, guess what? It's raining again!