Sunday, 3 June 2012

Typical Bank Holiday.

It is damp and cold here - eleven degrees - typical bank holiday weather. There is plenty to look at on the television as it is the Diamond Jubilee weekend. Yesterday the farmer and I watched racing from Epsom. We are neither of us racing fans but we enjoyed the sights and sounds and also the racing.

Today is the Thames River Pageant and we are looking forward to that too. Stove has been lit as though it is winter again and we shall sit and enjoy the spectacle.

Tomorrow our village is doing the celebrating with a mass photograph on the village green, followed by Childrens' Fancy Dress Parade and Sports and then a tea in the village hall. On Monday night at half past ten a beacon is being lit on the highest ground in the village. This is in addition to the official one on Pen Hill in Wensleydale.

Normal service will be resumed here after the Bank Holiday.


Arija said...

Hope you get slightly higher temperatures for tomorrow's celebrations. We too will be watching the pomp and circumstance on our boxes.
Our temperatures are much like yours as we have just entered winter.

Things have been a little difficult here so I have not been able to visit or even post much.

Heather said...

Grey and wet here too Pat though I just caught a glimpse of blue sky through the gloom. We are looking forward to the Thames Pageant too. Your village celebrations sound very appealing and I do hope the weather will be kind for them. Keep warm and dry and enjoy your weekend.

Golden West said...

Your Queen has done quite a remarkable job, I think. What a unique position in history she holds, to have known so very many key players across the globe, across so many years. I would guess she has had a behind the scenes role as a confidant and adviser, the extent of which we may never know. She has probably been acquainted with more people in positions of power across the past 60 years than any other living person. Her influence has perhaps been underestimated.

Rachel Phillips said...

I am sitting here alone watching the Queen'sJubilee Pageant. I just lit the fire too. It is very cold in East Anglia.

Elizabeth said...

Warm here in New York but we are enjoying the water flotilla on the Thames.
Hope it warms up for you very soon.

Bovey Belle said...

Much cooler here too, and of course, wet . . . We watched some of the Jubilee Pageant, and then put on Lord of the Rings to amuse us. The fire will be lit this evening! It was cool enough to deem Pineapple Upside Down Cake welcoming : )

Gwil W said...

Been watching the Queen's Rain on BBC World and Austria's ORF, kept switching the channels as one does.

Quite wonderful that the pair of them, he's 91 and she's 86, managed to stand and smile and wave and enjoy the spectacle in the cold wet windy weather. I hope she doesn't catch a chill.

I well remember the Coronation street party I went to when I was 5. We had good weather and I ate jelly, trifle and blancmange, not to mention little iced cakes and several drinks of Corona. Then we all trooped into the only house in the street which had a TV, bought specially for the ocassion I believe, where we were ordered to sit in a semi-circle on the floor in front of the adults and in front of a tiny TV screen.

Warm here. We may have thunder tonight.

ArcticFox said...

Long to rain over us!

My garden is enjoying this bank holiday weather and so will the fish be at my local pond.....

Monday's gonna be nice(ish), well it's going to be dry(ish) so make hay while the sun shines(ish).... it's gonna be a wet week!

angryparsnip said...

What fun... Your village celebration sound perfect. I wish I was there.
Keep warm.
It is only getting up to 100 today in Tucson, quite chilly, no ?

cheers, parsnip

Mary said...

Hi Pat, the Thames Jubilee Pageant was awesome. Being an umbrella salesperson would have been lucrative!!

I too was amazed that Her Majesty and Prince Philip stood the entire way ( waste of those red velvet 'thrones') and managed to wave and smile constantly despite the chilly rain. Stalwart Brits all! It was really wonderful - I watched for 3 hrs. saying to heck with the garden chores needing attention.

Have a fun time at your village party - know it will ensure memories for many in the years to come - just as the Coronation street party did for me all those years ago!.


Rarelesserspotted said...

Although slightly cooler here in East Yorkshire, it's a lot less windy which is making all the difference. The central heating kicked back in the other night! Great sights and sounds during the jubilee, local history being made with communities coming together.

The Weaver of Grass said...

All over - back to normal. Thanks for visiting.

John Going Gently said...

This "mass photo" intrigues me!
I would love to do something similar and you have just pricked my organisational juices!
glad it all went so well xx