Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Olympic Torch and all things sporting.

The Olympic Torch comes to our little market town at lunch time today so there will be mass
disruption of the roads. It is only being carried for a short way - maybe half a mile at the most - and then will travel on to Richmond where again a runner will carry it for a short way. The farmer suggested we go to see it, but our farmer neighbour has a full slurry tank and urgently needs it emptying so that has to take precedence. Can't say I am sorry as all the schools are being let out to watch it,so there will be little room and most of the parking places are closed off.
I am finding it difficult to become enthusiastic about the Olympic Games but shall no doubt feel differently when they start as it is certainly a wonderful spectator sight on television, where you get all the action without the crowds and the standing about.

Similarly the England Football Team are through to the Quarter Finals thanks I understand to Wayne Rooney who scored a goal - thanks also to the other side having a goal disallowed (which has since been seen to be a goal!). With all this modern technology why do they have to object to using it in such circumstances?

I have never been much of a sporting person. I shall watch the last few days of the Wimbledon Championships but the early rounds don't interest me. I am pretty pathetic really when I think
of the immense dedication these people put into their sport in order to reach that level.

Glorious weather here today, so I shall now go and get the wheelbarrow and go into the front garden and fill the barrow with weeds - I think there is a lorry load so I shall not make much of an impression, but every little helps. The trouble is that I love a wild garden and it has gone over the top - alchemilla mollis (lady's mantle) has taken over and burgeoned.


MorningAJ said...

Olympics, tennis, football, you can keep the lot as far as I'm concerned. I hate sport, and I hate how it turns fans into screaming monsters. I found the goal celebrations on TV this morning quite sickening. and as for the little oik who said "yes it was a goal - but who cares? We won." That's sportsmanship for you!

ArcticFox said...

in fact..... and here I go again..... if you watch the replay of the disallowed goal..... going back a bit more.... the player who scored the goal should have been judged to be offside, so couldn't have scored anyway...... they'll be bringing in video replay assistance for referees soon.

Re: gardening - done a bit myself - remember wild is good!! I'm no fan of an insect free, manicured garden.... hell, I don't even pick up my lawn clippings!! hahahahah the neighbourhood sure took a hit when I moved in!!

As for the torch..... meh, I couldn't be bothered either.... it's with us in three or four days but I don't think I will bother.... would be easier to buy one on ebay and recreate it in your own wild garden!! Now there's a thought!!

Irene said...

I like watching the important football matches and will enjoy watching the Olympic Games. All very comfortably in front of my television, of course. I don't understand people who so vehemently state that they hate sports. Why such strong feelings? You either like them or you don't, that's all that is necessary.

Golden West said...

Your new header is the sweetest - look at those faces!

Heather said...

Regarding sports, I am pathetic too most of the time.
I am continually having to dig up plants which have taken too much space, usually crowding out something treasured. In the main I tend to let them do their own thing but every now and then I have to regain control.
I love that blue iris - they don't like our soil at all.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Yes, I'm not sure I would travel any distance to see the torch myself. It's funny, I'm never very interested in the Olympics either, but one cannot seem to escape them. In a few short weeks we will know all these young people by name. Such is the media's power these days.

I adore, just adore, those sweet cow faces at the top of your blog!!

Dartford Warbler said...

The transporting of slurry seems far more important than a torch, especially one that has travelled by car for most of its journey around the UK. It apparently passes by the end of our village road in a car, on its way to a more prestigious small town, so I shan`t be bothering to go and cheer it on its way!

Dave King said...

I am quite sure that the disallowed goal was never a goal because it was off-side long before it was disallowed - which doesn't excuse the official who had nothing else to do but be on the goal line at the right moment to see whether the ball would cross the line or not. Give him his due, though, he was quite often on the goal line during the match - mostly getting in the way of the players. Rant over!

As to the to the olympic torch: I'm afraid I just can't get excited. It's old age, you know - and not being able to get a ticket!!!

Pondside said...

I certainly understand your mixed feelings about the Olympic games. We had the winter games here two years ago and, while The Great Dane went over to see some of the excitement, and our daughter worked there, I couldn't muster any excitement over it at all. I'd rather watch a children's game of hockey or baseball.
Your header - it's beautiful!

Dominic Rivron said...

Found it hard to get worked up about the torch here, as you know.

Bicycles are a different matter. Roll on 30th June.

Rachel Phillips said...

I like football. It is very relaxing and I read the newspaper at the same time, multi-tasking..

DCAja said...

this is awesome!!