Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Two more hand written letters for me this morning. Sheer delight. Now I have four letters to answer. Any more forthcoming you readers out there? I must say that three of the letters are from friends who read my blog but do not themselves blog. The whole thing is amusing the farmer greatly (he who has never written a letter in his life!)


Gwil W said...

People with time to quill. That's a rarity.

My mail today -

one poetry book (to review)
the year's first holiday brochure (those prices!)

Yesterday's -
an account from my dentist (not as painful as I had anticipated)

Heather said...

Shame on the farmer! My husband is the same. I had intended to be among the first who wrote to you, but my head has been so fugged I couldn't compose anything of interest.
Maybe between us, we'll save the Royal Mail!!

MorningAJ said...

Oh I gaved up hand writing letters years ago - even when I still sent actualy bits of paper. As soon as I discovered the marvels of computer printing.

But my letters, when I write them, tend to be about six pages long (or closer to 10 -12 if I actually write them.) And I mean pages, not sides. So I'm not wearing our my wrists to HAND write. Ever. Again.

MorningAJ said...

'Gaved up'?

of course, I usually check them before I print!

Gwil W said...

S'mae Pat,


Here's my letter. I forgot to post it.

It's very cold here. This morning it minus 8 celsius. I had a walk to the tram station and picked up a copy of the free newspaper. The front page news was that the Queen whose 60th anniversary on throne we are to celebrate has amassed a fine collection of 5,000 hats. So much for the official news.

Today I've started a Welsh for Beginners Course called 'The Big Welsh Challenge'. I found it on the internet on BBC Wales. I guess this is my Hiraeth coming out. I could speak Welsh when I was small. But it's been nearly 60 years. Now, for some reason or other which I haven't yet figured out, I want to learn it again. It's such a beautiful language. I'm learning North Walian. It's the real Bryn Terfel!



jeanette from everton terrace said...

Never written a letter? How is this possible?
I haven't written one in a while. I use to write to my elderly relatives in England and Ireland but they are all gone now, miss them and our letter exchanges.

angryparsnip said...

If I had your address You would find a letter or two from me. I love to write letters but most of all I love to make cards and postcards. I especially love to send them when it is just a everyday and not a holiday.

So delightful to get real mail and not just that e-mail stuff. But as I have family that lives very far away e-mail and skype are greatly appreciated.

cheers, parsnip

Von said...

If you woulkd enjoy a little communication from my part of the world just email me Weaver.