Thursday, 9 February 2012


Ah well! The best laid plans......
Today was to be the day when I drove over to see Fiona (Marmalade Rose on my side bar) to take her some beads and a light box I no longer want and to look at what she has been sewing lately. (If you want to know, go to her blog - her sewing skills are fantastic.)

But she has just sent me an e mail to say that her road is icy. The farmer has just come in to tell me that you can hardly stand up outside our own back door and the lane is also icy. So, sadly I have postponed it until a better day.

The trouble is that it has rained overnight onto a very cold road which has made conditions treacherous.

Our Aga is being naughty and we have had the engineer to it this morning. This has meant switching it off. So - in spite of the central heating on and the wood burner on - it is rather chilly everywhere. After lunch I shall settle down with a good book. In this instance it will be
'Letters between six sisters' Edited by Charlotte Mosley - the correspondence between the Mitford sisters. Of course only one, Diana, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, is still alive. But the letters are absolutely fascinating giving, as they do, such an insight into the life of the times.
The book was a Christmas present from my friend M - so thank you M for the hours of pleasure it has given me. And you two keep warm too.

The farmer has just come in and said he thinks he'd better go and fetch fish and chips for lunch. He said this with glee as I usually will not allow him to eat it as I think it is not good for him! So you could say that it is an ill Aga that blows nobody any good.

Also it is my friend, B's, birthday today. If you are reading this dear friend - have a lovely day.

Keep warm everywhere - seems we are all under this enormous cold weather cloud. But before we start saying that surely a cold snap like this means that the idea of Global Warming is nonsense, I read yesterday that a glacier in Antarctica has a huge crack in it and if it breaks off there will be an iceberg the size of New York


Pomona said...

Happy birthday to B, and I hope you are staying warm - the book sounds really good - I will have to check out the library! And do enjoy your fish and chips - do you let him eat it out of the paper?

Pomona x

Elizabeth said...

I think a cracking good book will keep you warm.
So sorry about your Aga woes. I would be sorrier if I did not suffer from Aga envy ( never having had one in my life!)
I only read part of the "Letters" when staying at my sister in law's. I will steal it on my next visit. Their world is so oddly familiar from reading all their various books.
ps I met Decca (Jessica) in the early 1970's and was madly impressed since I really enjoy Hons and Rebels.

MorningAJ said...

I'm pretty cold here too. I've been to the dentist (again) this morning for three hours so I'm taking the day off work. I've just got in and turned on every heater in the house!

It hasn't rained, but they are threatening about four inches of snow this afternoon.

Take care and wrap up warm!

MarmaladeRose said...

I was really quite worried about you this morning but never mind, all my sewing will keep a bit longer. I might have finished my new designs for a little bird by the time we see each other.

Hope the Aga soon warms up.

it's me said...

The United States is having an unusually warm, snowless winter so it seems the cold just shifted--climate change rather than global warming.
Hope you can stay warm-- I must look for that book in the library.

Heather said...

Sorry your nice plans for today have been scuppered. Hope you and the farmer enjoy your fish and chips. You can both have some Rennies for dessert if necessary!
Hope the Aga is doing what it should and you will soon be cosy again. The book you are reading sounds fascinating - I admire the Duchess of Devonshire.

Dave King said...

I think the Aga took pity on the farmer. Great post. Interest and variety.

angryparsnip said...

I love Dave Kings comment.... so funny.
You knew the minute you talked about the warm weather and flowers coming up February would come blasting in and it did.
I hope your Aga gets fixed soon. But so funny that the icy roads will not deter Farmer from the take out of Fish and Chips.

We are a bit warm... 70/45 not enough winter rains. We hope for some on Tuesday.

Enjoy your afternoon of reading and keep warm. I have paper work and repair men coming. blah !

cheers, parsnip

BilboWaggins said...

Extremely cold here too, we've had the heating on all day and I ~HATE~ that but Himself is working at home and gets very cold because he's not moving around whilst stuck in front of the computer.

Hope your fish & chips were good and your Aga is now mended.

Anonymous said...

It's miserable when the weather scuppers your plans for a lovely day, I hope it won't be too long before you get together. Hoping that the Aga is fixed now.

I want to read that book but just lately I seem to be unable to concentrate on reading. I think it might be this chest infection that I have.

jill said...

Oh fish and chips yum yum but not on my diet sheet sigh,you stay in the house near the fire and keep warm with that book.We got more snow tonight as Im sure you have also and its freezzzzzing.Stay warm love Jill xx

Reader Wil said...

That last sentence of yours about the iceberg is really scary! Global warming is going on, that's a fact.
Here it is also cold and last weekend I walked to choir practice on Saturday, and on Sunday to church. I always cycle, but it was too slippery. Our snow is disappearing now.
I hope that your Aga will soon be repaired and that you will be warm enough!

Pondside said...

I hope that a warm wind sweeps away all that ice so that you can get out tomorrow. Not nice to be stuck at home and to be cold too, to boot!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Keep warm!

Apparently the lower levels of artic sea ice are affecting air currents and causing the freezing weather across UK and Europe

Gwil W said...

Oh yes, fish 'n' chips with mushy peas and lashings of salt 'n' vinegar - that's the way! Once in a while is OK.

The Weaver of Grass said...

The aga is out of action until Wednesday as it needs a new valve. It coincides with a burst of very cold weather but the wood burner is going full pelt and the central heating is on. Microwave meals I am afraid until Wednesday. Thanks for the comments.