Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tenpting Fate.

I should have known that it was tempting fate to put a piece on yesterday about Spring, snowdrops and aconites. Overnight the sky was clear and full of stars. The Northern Lights were visible almost down to where we live and the position for seeing them is even better if there is a clear sky tonight. But this morning it was a very different story.

The temperature was below freezing, it was snowing, and once I got up on to the top road out of the village towards the Supermarket (my regular Tuesday morning trip) there was also thick fog. I almost chickened out and came back home, but instead I took it steady and once I began to come down again into the Car Park it cleared and the temperature rose to minus one.

I had then arranged an important engagement with my friend G. In twelve weeks my dear God-daughter is getting married and I am to 'give her away'. This, of course, entails best bib and tucker wear. I have the dress (kindly lent to me by another friend J) but need a hat. Instead of a full-blown hat I am having a fascinator made by a milliner. (Men can stop reading today's post here!). I have been slightly worried as at first fitting I felt I looked silly in it. In fact, whenever I see anyone wearing a fascinator I think they look silly in it.

However, today at second fitting I was much happier about it - it was comfy and did not look too ridiculous - in fact I am getting rather fond of it. The event will be here in no time at all and I am really looking forward to the big day. You will all be informed of how it went in due course.

On the return journey we stopped at The Station cafe for a Croque Monsieur - toasted cheese, ham and mustard sandwich with a side salad and a shared basket of french fries - together with a sparkling elderflower drink.

By the time I got home the weather had improved tremendously and there is even a lightening of the sky in the South. Of course we are all hoping for clear skies again tonight. It is so rare to see the Northern Lights this far down the country - it would be wonderful to see them.


Arija said...

There is nothing like a bit of frippery, an event to look forward to and a friend to share the day with to raise the temperature and brighten the spirit.

I too would love to see the northern lights once more.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, a fascinator indeed, how brave. I'm sure you'll carry it off in style though. Well done for doing the giving away, that sounds daunting to me.

I'm glad that your weather improved, the snow and fog would have kept me at home.

WV = morismen.

Reader Wil said...

So you have a bit of winter at last.How wonderful to see the Northern Lights! We have still this mild weather. Some rain and strong wind, but far above freezing point.
I am sure the wedding of your god-child will be great, especially now you are giving her away.Please publish a photo of you and the beautiful outfit with hat.
Thanks for your comment. Yes I am an Anne of Green Gables fan!I read the book with my students and showed the movie in the last lesson.
You have lovely names. Thanks for sharing them!
Wil, ABC Wednesday team.

MorningAJ said...

I think you'll look fine!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Wishing you warmer weather, a great fit on the borrowed dress, and a hat that is a show (but not a wedding) stopper.

All joys across the miles,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

P.S. I don't know what a "fascinator" is????? Am I the only one who doesn't?

Heather said...

Glad you kept your appointment in safety Pat, and I do hope we'll get a photo of you on the big day. You'll have to start wearing your fascinator around the house to get used to it!
Your lunch sounds delicious and I have my fingers crossed for a clear night tonight over Yorkshire.

jill said...

Hope the weather doesnt get any worse Pat we can do without it now.Im sure you are going to look lovely in your fasinator and how wonderful that you are giving your god daughter away.Love Jill xx

Gerry Snape said...

I should think that you will look gorgeous! And how good that we might see the "lights". I saw them once way up in the north of Ireland...Portstewart...and it was just stunning .

Dartford Warbler said...

There are some wonderful photos of the Northern Lights on the BBC News website. I hope you manage to see them again tonight.

Your God-daughter`s wedding is something good to look forward to. I hope you get used to the fascinator before then. I`m sure would have trouble wearing one!

The Weaver of Grass said...

After really thick fog last night it is warm and sunny today!
Thanks for the encouraging comments about my fascinator - will put on a photograph as soon as I have one.

Mary said...

I hope your share a pic of you looking fascinating in that fascinator!!! Hope it warms up by then Pat or you may require a nice knitted beanie cap or even a fur bonnet!