Tuesday, 20 December 2011

It is nearly here.

Does everyone do a lot a preparation and baking for Christmas or is it just me left doing all these things? When I tell friends I am icing cakes, baking pies, making biscuits etc., they tell me to take it easy and shop for them at Tesco.

I do still enjoy making Christmas cakes and have made five this year - two for us and three for presents. The same goes for Christmas puddings. I made a huge tin of mince pies but we had lots of lovely visitors at the weekend and the tin is now empty,, so it has been a mince pie baking day again today. I so enjoy being able to give friends who call in just a little home-made taste of Christmas.

Yesterday the farmer and I had sadly to go to a funeral of an old friend. When we came home we decided to get out the Christmas decorations and put them up, because tomorrow is our poetry meeting and it is here on the farm.

Now all the decorations are up, the tree is lit, the outside tree will be festooned by the farmer in the morning and everywhere smells lovely. This afternoon I have marzipanned two cakes ready for icing and decorated two more with fruit and a glaze. What I would do without Delia Smith's Christmas Cookery Book I cannot imagine.

Now I am going to go on line and see if I can find any Christmas poems to read tomorrow to get us all into the right mood for the celebrations. Enjoy the run up to Christmas.


jill said...

I can smell your cooking from here,your cake looks lovely.Enjoy your poetry tomorrow and have a lovely christmas.Love Jill xx

Arija said...

Your tree looks lovely Pat and there just isn't anything to compare to home cooking is there? My granddaughters have taken over the essential Christmas baking so I no longer do my usual 57 varieties on my own. I do some though, otherwise it just doesn't smell like Christmas.
Enjoy your poetry meeting. How about A.A. Milne's 'King John'? from Now We Are Six for a lighter note? It has a delightful rhythm.

Rachel Phillips said...

The Lion and Albert. I think you should do that one. I think you have mentioned it before so like me, you probably like it.

Mary said...

I believe this is the first year I've not done a thing for Christmas, especially any baking! I feel guilty yes, but as I've only just returned home I think I must just get my house cleaned and only add a few easy items such as candles for the Holidays! I would love to be surrounded by my much-loved ornaments and a tree, but climbing in the attic at this late date isn't happening. Smell good baking from the kitchen, and that good feeling that all the cards were written and mailed..............this year it's not going to happen either.

I love all you've done Pat, and I'll try harder next year, but this year I've failed. However, I refuse to beat up on myself. I chose to see SE Asia when the trip was offered to me.....and I think I made the right decision. I have more memories than I thought possible.......and I loved every moment. It also made me grateful for all the comforts I have living in a safe, warm home all year round without the struggles and hardships so many people in other countries are facing daily.

Blessings to you and yours dear - I can smell your mince pies from here!

Hugs - Mary

Everything Changes said...

Good for you! You are so ahead of me, though I am baking 5 loaves or organic home ground whole wheat bread. That must count for something! THe kids from Austria flew in last night; the stateside children will be here Wed. So I guess I'll put them to work! Merry Christmas!

it's me said...

Nothing will ever be like homemade! I don't bake but a few things because I don't have many guests and I would eat it all myself! My younger son will not come home this Christmas for the first time ever, and the older only drops by a visit so we have been not so motivated this year. However, we have finally gotten the tree up and will cook a full dinner.

Heather said...

Your poetry meeting will have such a lovely festive feel to it Pat. The tree looks so pretty and your cake can only be delicious. I always enjoy cooking for Christmas though my husband and mother used to say 'what a lot of trouble' it was. I did try buying everything one year but I didn't like it. Today I have made a special fruit cake (my husband doesn't like marzipan or icing), mince pies, cheese straws, chocolate fridge cake type dessert, and had two lots of surprise visitors and enjoyed every minute.

Rachel Fox said...

I do a lot of cooking over Xmas too! Still haven't made a Xmas cake though - just don't like it!

MorningAJ said...

Your cake is wonderful and I am very jealous - but there would be no point in me making one because there's only the two of us.

I plan to make some mince pies though - with home made mincemeat - and I will be making a chocolate roulade.

You'll find some Christmas poems among my advent calendar on my other blog... start here: http://jobbingwriter.blogspot.com/2011/12/advent-calendar-of-sorts-day-19.html

Elizabeth said...

Well done!
The tree looks charming.
Have you read Truman Capote's Christmas Memory
a real Christmas treat.
Dylan Thomas Christmas in Wales is always fun.

We live right near where Clement Moore wrote
Twas the Night Before Christmas --always fun!
Claudia arrives in the middle of the night on the 23rd.
we are getting excited.

Jeannette StG said...

Who would have thought the photo of your header was in the UK? Great angle, Weaver! I have my Christmas poem up, that I made last year, but it may be a little to serious for your event. Anyways, merry Christmas to you!

angryparsnip said...

This year because of last years hard freeze no citrus, so no candied peel as gifts this year.. But cookies will be made and some pies baked starting tomorrow.
I don't put up lots of decorations but there are lights on the trees outside, a decorated tree inside, a collection of snow globes, cards put on display and some wreathe hung.
I like to start decorating around the 10th so I have lots of time to enjoy the Holidays.
I love your tree and I wish I lived closer so I could have a taste of the beautiful cake.
As long as you enjoy making the cakes and pies keep making them. Christmas has to be best time to splurge on baking !

cheers, parsnip

rkbsnana said...

In my mind I am baking but only able to muster up sugar cookies. Everything sounds lovely at your place though. Enjoy

Titus said...

Yum Weaver! I'm with you - bought is alright, but homemade is an awful lot better. My mother is very fond of Delia's glazed Christmas cake too.
Have a super time tomorrow, which is when I'm hoping to decorate. Hoping.
And sorry for the loss of your friend.

Sue said...

Homemade Christmas cake with a piece of Wensleydale cheese. Yum!

Robin Mac said...

Christmas isn't Christmas without homemade Christmas cake and plum puddings (boiled in a cloth) and shortbread and rumballs and cheese straws. We ate one of our cakes with unexpected visitors early so I will make another one tomorrow. Cheers

Gwil W said...

Pat, here's a present!

Xmas Gift
by Allen Ginsberg (New York Dec 24th, 1972

I met Einstein in a dream
Springtime on Princeton lawn grass
I kneeled down and kissed his young thumb
like a ruddy pope
his face fresh broad cheeked rosy
"I invented a universe separate,
something like a Virgin" -
"Yes, the creature gives birth to itself,"
I quoted from Mescaline
We sat down open air universal summer
to eat lunch, professors' wives
at the Tennis Court Club,
our meeting eternal, as expected,
my gesture to kiss his fist
unexpectedly saintly
considering the Atom Bomb I didn't mention.

Sal said...

Lovely cake!! Homemade baking is the best!
I hope you have a very happy Christmas! ;-)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thank you for the comments and also for the suggestions of possible poems.

Golden West said...

I tried my hand at candy making for the first time this year - what a disaster! 2 pounds of butter, 4 cups of sugar, chocolate and almonds, about 2 hours of preparation and all went into the waste basket - it was dreadful stuff! I'm sticking with chocolate chip cookies from here on out!