Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Blogging world.

I could, of course, be making up the whole thing about my age, where I live, what kind of life I lead etc., for blogland does give one the opportunity to do this. And if we were to do so then we would probably get away with it - unless, like me, bloggers who live fairly near, or who are passing through, are welcome to call in and often do.

But it is an interesting thought, isn't it? We present our lives for all to read in such a way that it can be interpreted however you like. I can even write about the lane being muddy or icy, and if I do it in a fairly poetic way then it sounds wonderful. And if the wood burner is stoked up for evening, as it is now on this very stormy day; if the curtains are drawn across, the whole house is smelling of freshly baked mince pies; if the farmer is in from feeding up for the night and has his slippers on - then all does seem to be right with the world. In other words, every blogger can make his or her world sound marvellous if he/she so wishes.

It's a thought.

On the home front I have indeed baked my first lot of mince pies today. Pastry is not my strong point so this year I am making three lots, each using a different method and ingredients and the farmer is acting as guinea-pig having one for tea each night and passing his verdict. The rest of the batch will then be frozen for use when callers arrive around Christmas - they are easily heated up in the oven and are ready in five minutes. It is also true than the baker can almost get away with murder if the said pies are warm and the warmth covers a multitude of bad pastry making sins. He is a very willing guinea pig - I monitor his cake and pastry eating carefully so to be offered some is a treat indeed.

Just in case you are beginning to wonder whether I am making up my persona on my blog - I walked back through the front garden after my walk with Tess at lunch time. The sum total of 'flowers' out in my garden is shown in the photos above - and I have to admit they are pretty pathetic - but we British are nothing if not hardy. By golly we often have to be - and that applies to the plants in our gardens too. Have a nice evening.


Elizabeth said...

Dear Weaver --I can vouch for it that you are not 'making it all up' as you can vouch for the fact that my blog persona pretty much matches my real one! Hee hee.
BeeDrunken.blogspot.com did a really interesting post recently about everyone being so blinking chipper and jolly and crafty beautiful etc etc in Blogworld when there are occasions in all our lives of genuine sadness.
I suppose one tries to present the things we love and enjoy and say "See! See!" as our grandson does when he wants to show us his toys.
As regards the mince pies --yes a super treat and warming almost anything up makes it doubly scrumptious.
I managed to get a Lenten rose in a supermarket here (most odd) It will probably die of overheating but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.
Below freezing here but clear and bright.

Unknown said...

The way you present yourself, whether it's blogland or real life is really quite subjective. Putting on a pleasant attitude and avoiding any chatter of personal woes is pretty much the same as poetically representing your life on the internet ;)

MorningAJ said...

That's not a pathetic lot of flowers at all for the middle of December! I wish I had a few more in my garden/area.

And I love the look of your mince pies. I've still only managed four 'happy months' - so I need to get hunting for more.

Heather said...

Your 'meagre' flowers are such a lovely welcome sight in these horrid stormy days, and I think your hellebores are ahead of mine. They must be of good Yorkshire stock!
I think we all want to share the good bits of our lives and keep the not-so-good to ourselves. We all have bad times to deal with and perhaps don't want to burden our Blogland friends with tales of woe.
The mince pies look delicious and I'm sure all three batches will be very well received.
We've had almost every type of weather today - even a momentary glimpse of sun, but mostly gales and heavy wet.

John Going Gently said...

you too!
for what it's worth I think the blogland is rather like watching "strangers on a train" albeit strangers that kind of like each other ( if that makes sense!)

jill said...

Hi,lovely photos of flowers and your mince pies look yummy,blogging is like people watching I love it.Your life here in blog land always sounds wonderful.Love Jill xx

ChrisJ said...

I am sure they are out there, those who make it all up, but that doesn't make them very nice people. All the dissatisfaction with our governments comes from a lot of deceit and cover ups. I have a big problem with not telling the truth -- not the kind that tells the truth unkindly, but just being deceitful. I hate it almost even more than stealing. I can get very cynical very quickly with people who lie. Bill Clinton and the media just about did it for me. I've spent years teaching children to tell the truth and Clinton -- and others hardly bat an eyelash. Just to set the record straight, I do think Clinton is a smart man and capable. Just not morally smart. I don't like his politics either but I'd take him over Obama. Think I'll go and join AJ on her whinge.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

We "make it all up" anyway, don't we. We get depressed, we get happy and occasionally we manage the fine balance between the two. The world is much the same, it's just our take on it which changes.

rkbsnana said...

I am so naive that I believe everything presented as truth. I love reading everyone's meager doings.

Pondside said...

There's something about your posts that says 'truth' so I'll just go on with my mental picture of you!

Peter Goulding said...

Ah, now you've sown a seed of doubt in my mind that maybe you're a teenage shop assistant living in Bristol with a very vivid imagination....

Cloudia said...

If you were a created persona, you'd be a very tangible and lovely one!

(We know your truth, er we think we do. . . ) nice writing either way! and as for me? Hawaii? Please! I'm in north New Jersey right by the turnpike! LOL

Aloha from "Waikiki"

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

Mary said...

Your lovely down to earth posts are always so darned honest, I just know you are the real you!!

Yummy, warm mince pies just speak "CHRISTMAS" and i often wonder why I don't make them year round. I hope to be home by tomorrow and then must really get to baking.......i've been gone far too long!!

Happy Holidays dear.

Acornmoon said...

First of all let me thank you for your lovely card and for another year of friendship.

I am not close enough to cal by and help myself to a mince pie but I can almost smell them baking.

Happy Christmas to you and the farmer. xxx

Dave King said...

Fascinating: I've had such thoughts from time to time, though for what reason I don't know, but I've not blogged about them. What you say is quite true - and I suppose part of Blogland's fascination. (And for youngsters, it's danger as well.)
I think Blogland is like any other land: you have to take people as you find them - and you may occasionally make a mistake.

CHummelKornell said...

I have to agree with John, we do make our own world by how we decide to handle the things that happen to and around us. I choose to be a positive person so I most times create positive things around me. There are those times when things get a bit more difficult and one has to let down and be sad, but those times pass and life struggles to survive. I love your blog and appreciate the opportunity to observe your life in a place far away from mine. Merry Christmas.

angryparsnip said...

Your Minced Pies look lovely and I too would love to sit with you and farmer to try on each evening !
I bought a small package of them at the store today. Maybe next year daughter and I will try to make some vegan ones so she can eat some too.

cheers, parsnip

Rachel Phillips said...

I think blogging is nice in a very simple sort of way and you can sort of join in with people and feel part of something and welcome mostly if you choose the right blog! It helps all concerned to have at least a little sense of humour and not get too serious about yourself. This blog fits all this! Thank you.

Golden West said...

Is that a primrose I spy blooming already?? We'll not have them here until February soonest - one of my favorite late winter bloomers!

It would take a lot of energy to keep a false persona going online - and an excellent memory, as well! Easier, I think, to be one's however ordinary self.

Titus said...

A fantasy Weaver! Now there's a thought.

My favourite mince pies are homemade mincemeat with bought puff pastry. My shortcrust is fine, but I like the novelty of the puff pastry mince pies and they are somehow just lots yummier, and lighter.

Gwil W said...

Those mince pice look so tempting- I'm sure didn't make them up - you just made them good.

The word verif. ends in bari - so maybe you are really in the south of Italy :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Peter suggests I may be a teenager - I wish! Thanks for joining in the debate.