Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Chinese Meal.

I went out last night for a Chinese meal with a group of five friends. Our local Chinese restaurant is at the bottom of the market square with lovely views of the town - and of the sunset too as we arrived.

It is a long time since I ate Chinese food and I had forgotten how good it was. We had a selection of delicious dishes which we shared - prawns in sweet chilli sauce, ginger beef, chilli beef, lemon chicken, fried seaweed, spring rolls, egg fried rice, spare ribs. It was lovely sharing too - made the occasion much more enjoyable. There is something about sharing food rather than having an individual plate of food.

We had lovely conversations and a lot of laughs and it was only just down the road - no long journey to get there. We must do it more often. I took the above photograph really to show the farmer, who is suspicious of Chinese food. I hoped it would tempt him to perhaps go for a meal one evening, Time will tell.

#On a different note, the woodpecker has been back at the bird box again, squeezing inside and then throwing out all the debris. I wonder what his/her plan is for this house - again time will tell. Have a nice weekend.


Norman Smith said...

you cant beat a Chinese banquet eaten at leisure. That lemon chicken look ace.

Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

We have noticed a change in what is offered at Chinese buffets over the years. The dishes used to be mostly vegetables of various kinds with thin slivers of meat. Now it is mostly meat (frequently in a thick, sweet sauce) with a few vegetables, maybe. Yes it is delicious, but I think authentic Chinese food is being bent to "Western" eating style.

Rarelesserspotted said...

What a lovely looking meal and it's so exciting about the woodpecker! Ours hasn't been back for a couple of years; he/she used to come in April and May to feed at the feeders and used to disappear. That's where I got my blog name from... Rare Lesser Spotted

Pondside said...

It all looks good! We haven't been out for a Chinese or Indian meal for such a long time - we both enjoy it, but it just seems like a hassle, at the end of a day at work, to get back into the care for a drive to the nearest town.
I'll bet your Farmer would love the meal if he'd give it a try!

MorningAJ said...

We tend to do Indian more often than Chinese but there's a good Chinese in the next village and they still do authentic cuisine - which is nice.

angryparsnip said...

Looks so good. Love the sharing part.

One of my all times favorite Chinese dishes is Mabo Tofu
Maybe start Farmer on something easy like a stir fried beef and snowpeas ?

I have been craving Vietnamese food lately and I am so lucky my son is a fabulous India cook.

Now I an so hungry !

cheers, parsnip

Elizabeth said...

Looks delicious!
We are very spoiled for different ethnic foods here.
We love Thai and Indian best, I think.
I think the farmer would enjoy Chinese sesame chicken.

Unknown said...

You can tell the farmer that nowadays they don't eat dogs anymore -the little dogs are actually quite fashionable with the younger generation, like in the US. Never have eaten fried seaweed!

Molly said...

I can't think of anything nicer than sharing a meal(and getting dressed up with no cooking or washing up to do) The Chinese buffet looks delicious.

Mary said...

Nothing like a fun meal with good friends - or a good meal with fun friends!! Looks like you got both and had a great time!

I do enjoy Chinese stir fried veggies and rice now and then...............but enjoy Thai and Indian more. Tonight - we took granddaughter out for Italian - she had worked 7+ hours at the antiques shop and was SO hungry!!

English Sunday roast tomorrow? Know the Farmer will enjoy that!


Dave King said...

I've had a very pleasant catch-up!
Was very pleased to discover that you still recognise the traditional start to Autumn and have not been convinced by these meteorologists who cannot cope with a mid-month change of season.
I have always marvelled at the knowledge - and confidence (bravery?) - of those who venture forth to collect edible fungi, though.

steven said...

any excuse to get out and eat with good people is a joy unto itself. steven