Friday, 18 March 2011

Spring comes early.

The Spring equinox is on Monday but nobody has told the weather that and today is definitely a Spring day. There are so many catastrophes in the world and so many cruelties being perpetrated; in some parts of the world no-one is safe from cruelties inflicted in the name of some cause or another. I felt the need to get out in the fresh air and flush these terrible thoughts from my brain.

The day started very well when I heard from Pamela (from the house of Edward) that I had won her wonderful Giveaway. So thank you so much Pamela - there are such lovely things on the site that I really don't know what to choose!

So, after lunch, Tess and I set off to walk on our long round walk into the village and back. We called in at the owl barn to see if there was any trace at all of the barn owls - not a thing, but we were intrigued by this gate which had been erected just outside the barn, in the middle of nowhere. What can it be for?

Further on we saw our first Coltsfoot of the year - I love these little yellow, dandelion-like flowers which come out here and there on waste ground - the flowers appearing well before the leaves. We reached our friends' house and rang the bell. Their car was there but no one answered our ring, so we sat on their garden table outside and had a little rest. As usual, their garden is looking lovely - little patches of crocus, scilla, tiny daffodils and primroses dotted here and there - so I have taken a photograph M, just to prove we were there.

How busy the rooks are. Sitting in M's garden the noise was quite deafening as they are tidying up and rebuilding their nests. I have noticed that they fly long distances with great pieces of twig in their mouths to repair their nests, but if they drop the twig as they near the nest then they never come down and pick it up, so the ground of the rookery is littered with good nest material!

I walk round the village and come back via my son's house - they are out too, so I walk along to the bottom of the lane where their neighbour has two lovely Aylesbury ducks and a handsome cockerel in a pen. I'll swear they know they are being photographed as they stand still and almost pose.

On our return journey it is good to see that the willows are looking quite golden - a sign that they are just beginning to come into leaf. And when we reach the beck we see that the first celandines are out on the side - little bright suns against the sparkling water.

Returning home I find a huge bunch of flowers in the hall - roses, carnations and chrysanthemums - who are they from I wonder? Whoever it is, the flowers and the walk have managed to drive some of the awful thoughts out of my head - that is until the next news bulletin.


Loren said...

I'm envying you. Spring has been delayed here with two weeks of solid rain, interrupted by light snow and hail.

There may be daffodils blooming somewhere, but I haven't managed to find an hour of sunshine to try to get a picture yet.

Heather said...

Your friend's garden is so pretty Pat - glad you could rest awhile during your walk. The photos are beautiful as usual, and it is so good to be able to soothe ourselves with such lovely images when the news is full of horror. I felt almost guilty yesterday at having such a glorious day in every respect - it was my birthday and I was thoroughly spoiled by my entire family.

Cloudia said...

Warm Aloha to you
from Honolulu!

Comfort Spiral


angryparsnip said...

I adore your photo walks.
Your friend has a lovey garden. Isn't time strange, it seem just like yesterday you were posting photos of snow... maybe it was yesterday ?

cheers, parsnip

Dartford Warbler said...

I love the ducks, posing in front of the tree trunks, and the handsome cockerel of course. Your walk sounds lovely, and very therapeutic.

We had pouring rain all day, which has made the temperatures dip, but the clouds blew away just before sunset.

Hildred said...

Heart warming pictures of your spring walk, Weaver. Lovely garden, beautiful cockerel and the ducks.....
Congratulations on winning Pamela's wonderful Giveaway.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

It is strange, to be sure, how beautiful the world just now, right outside my window, and how horrible it is just across the Pacific. I feel grateful and heartbroken all at the same time.

I am therefore so glad to know you were pleased with your giveaway win! Use to buy something utterly frivolous and fun!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Loren - I heard a programme on the radio which said that a delayed spring helped the gardens, so maybe you will be better off eventually.
Heather - about the only bright thing about getting old is that one's family make a fuss on one's birthday! Belated happy birthday wishes to you.
Cloudia - greetings to you too - wish we had a bit of your warm weather here.
a.p. - our snow has gone for another year but there are still hard frosts. It is the price we pay for sunny days.
Dartford Warbler - I love the clouds blowing away at the last minute - it promises a better day tomorrow.

Hildred - yes it has been fun choosing a present from Pamela.

Pamela - thank you again. I have just chosen a handbag but got into a real mess ordering it (my computer skills are pretty bad) so I have just e mailed them.