Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Through the fog!

Yesterday a friend and I went to Windermere to visit another friend for lunch. It is about a two hour journey from here and through the most spectacular scenery, so we always look forward to it. But yesterday was different. It was a dull, misty, wet day. Still - nothing ventured ...we went all the same.
Going over the tops from Wensleydale into the Trough of Bowland was - well let's say 'atmospheric'. We were literally up in the clouds. Ingleborough, which I had hoped to photograph for you, had completely disappeared. It rained all the way there and the whole time we were there - so no photographs of Lake Windermere either.
But we had a delicious lunch (thank you P if you are reading this) and set off back, still in the pouring rain.
We called in a nice cafe and had a cup of tea and a wander round their shop - then back through the thick cloud again and down into Hawes and Wensleydale. Then lo and behold the sun came out - great sun spots lit up various hills and clumps of trees and we came back home in fine form after a lovely day out.

Today has had a different emphasis as I have had a tooth removed at the dentist. I must say that, as always, I got myself in quite a lather over the whole affair and when it came to I never felt a thing - not even the needle going in. Nevertheless, when I came to write the cheque out after the extraction I was shaking so much that I couldn't sign my name properly. (not sure whether that was fear or the cost of having a tooth out!)

Now I am back home. I must also say that the trees today are at their very best. The horse chestnut is still making a good show but nothing here can vie with the beech - alright the deciduous larch is trying its best to impress among the conifers but the beech has held on to all its leaves and they have turned into bright copper
pennies. What a show. This week is always the best week for Autumn colours but I don't ever remember the beech being so spectacular. It almost made me forget my tooth extraction!


Bonnie said...

nature offers so much consolation for whatever ails us! Hope all proceeds well after the extraction (from your bank account too!)

angryparsnip said...

Even without your wonderful photos a lovely post.
Where I live not much of leaf color change for Autumn but the Citrus Trees are over loaded with fruit that are just starting to turn from green to yellow and orange, that is our Fall color... except the limes, they always have their on agenda!

cheers, parsnip

Heather said...

What a shame the weather hid those lovely views. Hope your dental treatment wasn't too grim and that your mouth is comfortable now. I always feel shaky after an anaesthetic. There are still so many green trees down here in the South West - hopefully we have our main treats to come.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Just the names make it all seem so romantic - Windermere, Wensleydale. Sorry about your tooth, my husband was at the dentist just this morning - temp' crown.

Jinksy said...

Just as well you topped up on food yesterday! Ouch! Sorry about that quip, but what do you expect from a joker? Hope the missing tooth is not causing problems by its absence, though. :)

Arija said...

Commiserations on the extraction job, especially the bill.
Your autumn colours really have been spectacular and sometimes the sun peeking out and dappling distant hills can be more spectacular than than the anticipated sunny day.
Glad you had a lovely day even without photo opportunities.

Penny said...

Hope you are feeling better after the tooth extraction. I love your description of your drive and felt I was amost there.

Shirley said...

As you went on about the beech and the larch I was envisioning such incredible beauty. A fine consolation after a dentist visit, I think. I'm hoping for photos sometime of your lovely garden in its fall finery and of those towns. Another day. Take care.

Dave King said...

Lovely writing. What is it about dentists? I think it must be our early experiences at the so-called clinics. Did you get those?

Derrick said...

Sorry to hear about the tooth and the inclement weather in Windermere. We had a super day yesterday and at least dry today! Have an extra tot of the blackberry whisky!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Never felt a thing at the dentist - why did I get in such a lather about going?
Oh yes, Dave =- I remember clinics and having teeth out and hurting - thankfully those days are past.
Thanks for your comments. Aren;t we lucky to live ih a country which has pronounced seasons - we can enjoy autumn and look forward to the log fires and roasted chestnuts of winter!