Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Poetry Bus tootles on.

This week the bus is being driven by Kat, who gave us the pictures of a rather grotesque statue outside a church in America and then pictures of it being struck by lightning and leaving just a metal framework. There is something allegorical about the series of photographs and I wish I was able to write a poem illustrating this - but the muse is not working too well today. And, being a total unbeliever, probably nearer to Humanism than anything, I would find that hard anyway. So here is my contribution:-

A Bolt from the Blue.

Sometimes it needs
a flash,
a strike,
a conflagration,
to clear away
the dross; to leave
to get back to
bare bones
and see things
for what they really are.

Do hop on the bus if you are reading this and have not had a ride - you'll enjoy the company.


Rachel Fox said...

Oh, I think the muse is with you well enough. I like the sparceness of this...kind of fact reminds me of what the quakers were up to when they separated from the rest of the bunch!

Unknown said...

Bare bones indeed Weaver.
I agree with Rachel the sparceness - that minialism of words makes the poem's impact that much greater - it's the air, the apce inbewtwen your words that high lights what you have written.

Maggi said...

So simple yet so succinct.

Kat Mortensen said...

Very concise and to the point. It takes skill to get something like this down to its essence. You have done really well with it.


Dave King said...

I know that feeling very well - the poem I've written and the poem I wanted to write. You should be very pleased with the one you've written.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, a little jolt is theraputic indeed!
Unfortunately sometimes the jolt is unpleasant and we are so bloody grateful it is over.....

on a different tack altogether

Happy Birthday, FARMER.

As to your poem, I agree with Mr. Pope

'what's oft been thought, but ne'er so well expresst"

In the American vernacular 'way to go, Weaver'!

Heather said...

Your contribution is so true Pat - very clear and concise. I'm afraid I have fallen off the bus completely and my mind is awhirl with other things.

Acornmoon said...

Happy birthday farmer!

your poem is electrifying, illuminating, concise.

I do love dog roses too.

Jayne said...

Hello! Came by via Pamela's blog at The House of Edward. :)

I think your poem can be applied to a lot of things - I see it as an inspiration strike, when you just have to write/creative, and then you sit back and think hm, maybe!

Argent said...

Succinct and true - good stuff. I struggled with this one this week much like yourself but I tihnk you handled it better in the end.

Titus said...

I like this Weaver, and it's beautiful without the image which sparked it off. Spare, moving, enough.

Enchanted Oak said...

Your perspective is keen, Weaver. The poem is a sharp-eyed look at Truth, whatever that may be. I liked it very much.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Bare bones but good bones,clear and incisive poem.I likes!

Niamh B said...

Yes, I like this one too weaver - the muse is far from being away!
Clear and to the point, and the title is absolutely perfect.

Peter Goulding said...

Yes, stripped to the essentials, rather like the statue? There's an almost biblical feel to this...

Dr. Jeanne Iris said...

This aims straight to the core. Beautiful!