Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Nearly back to normality.

(whatever that is)
Thanks for all the goodwill messages - and thanks for so many of you hopping on the bus. I have enjoyed reading them all - you by now know me and nature are bedfellows, so I can tell you that reading about nature this morning has cheered me up no end.
I am well again - it was just a bug which caught me quite badly - all I have left to show for it now is a rather bad cold and I can bear that.
Last week's hot weather has left us here and we are now in damp, cool, misty-moisty days - good for the gardens, no doubt. The farmer is finding it difficult not to stand and watch his peas grow as they are growing so fast now the ground is damp.
Thanks again - see you later in the day if I get any inspiration.


@ctors Business said...

Glad to hear that you're on the mend, Thanks again for such a great bus ride :)

Robin Mac said...

Sorry you are left with a cold, but I am glad you are better. Cheers, Robin

Teresa said...

Glad you're feeling better... summer colds always seem to make you feel even worse than winter colds (if that's possible)

Elisabeth said...

Reverse weathers for us Weaver, you the warmth, us the cold. I love to compare notes.

Sorry, I'm no poet, otherwise I'd be on the bus, too.

Kat Mortensen said...

Very glad to hear you are okay. I hope the cold doesn't hang around too long. Our weather is much the same, but they're predicting very high temperatures for the weekend. (I hope not!)


Pondside said...

Good to read that you are feeling a bit better - take it easy!
I love the image of the farmer watching his peas grow!

Elizabeth said...

Poor you!
Do hope you are doing a bit better today.
Sending healing vibes in your direction.

Titus said...

Great driving Weaver, and so glad you're on the mend.