Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Friends! Where would we be without them?


Jinksy said...

Interesting - I have the title, but no post? Is this a cryptic way to point out that without friends we'd be nothing? X

Gigi Ann said...

Without friends we would lead a very lonely existence. But, I'm sure there are people who like a life without friends. But I can't begin to imagine a life without friends. There's a quote I love it says: "Friends are Flowers in Life's Garden." So take time to stop and smell a friend today! ;)

Elizabeth said...

Life would be bleak indeed without friends.
Mine bring me great joy.
In middle school in America the worst insult to throw around about others is that 'she has no friends'

But friendship, like so many other things, needs feeding and nurturing.

Yes, providing food in times of crisis is a concrete and wonderful way of proving true friendship.