Friday, 28 November 2008

Christmas Decorations!

On the road once,
on a dull November afternoon,
when the clouds hung low and heavy
and mist clung to the cobwebs,
I saw,
in a gap in a garden wall,
a leafless apple tree, its branches
ablaze with golden fruit,
glowing like lanterns
in the darkening sky.

I thought of Christmas -
the candles,
the baubles,
the festive cheer:
And I knew that Nature
in that instant
had surpassed them all.


The Solitary Walker said...

Give me natural ornament rather than manufactured over-priced festive tat any day!

Bah, humbug!

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh well said, i totally agree,

HelenMWalters said...

That's great. I love it.

Heather said...

Nature rules OK! I totally agree with the sentiments in your poem - you have expressed beautifully what so many of us feel.

Liz said...

Weaver you are so talented.Great poem and it's really helped put me in a great christmas spirit. And now I see you are a wonderful artist as well. The wonders never cease. I loved the stories you have told as well. I've been stuck with editing all week and finally I can come and visit all my wonderful blogger friends.

Love the layout of your blog too it's great
Stay warm and by the fire

ArtPropelled said...

I love your beautiful poem and I definitely agree with you.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Agree - bah humbug to all Xmas tat!
(including the lazy way of shortening Christmas as I have done.)

Pondside said...

Beautifully written.
Nature is way ahead of us when it comes to decoration at this time of year. I have to say that I do miss the snow and ice on the trees (but not on the roads!) and that wonderful, glittering fairyland one wakes up to on snowy winter mornings. Out here we make do with lots of greenery and berries and the satisfaction of a walk in the woods without wearing snow gaiters!

Acornmoon said...

Your writing describes perfectly a tree I saw a few days ago, not a single leaf was left but it was ladened with golden apples.

I like your textile below especially the colours.

Dominic Rivron said...

Tree full of apples as a "natural Christmas tree" is a very potent image.

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely poem and an idea to meditate on.
Natural things, to me at least, are much lovelier than tinsel.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

As she often does!

Lovely, lovely poem!

Janice Thomson said...

Wonderful sentiments I totally agree with. Well said Weaver.

Anonymous said...

Visiting via Pamela Terry and Edward, and I think your blog is so interesting. I very much enjoy your part of the world and your personal insights and outlook on things. Lovely sentiments in the poem.

Gwil W said...

Lovely poem.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks to all of you for you comments - it is good to have some feedback. Please feel free to criticise poetry if you think it oculd be better - I never mind the critics - they give me food for thought!

Arija said...

You have been prolific in my absence and I have had a veritable orgy of catching up on your posts. Emotions running this way and that and finally tears when I came to your post on Memorabilia.
The sheep post was most interestin as we also keep a small flock of Leicesters just to keep the breed alive, and have used Texals for what is here callled prime lambs. No one would dare say fat lambs, meat these days has to be lean, mean and heart smart!
Thank you for your poetry and lovely prose.

S.L. Corsua said...

Like a moment of enlightenment. ;) Your observant senses and wise sentiments work well together in creating this spirit-uplifting piece. Thank you for sharing. Cheers.

BT said...

Beautiful poem, weaver. You are so talented.

Dominic Rivron said...

Apples for baubles. I saw a great sight last night: a leafless beech (I think) tree with Orion for fairy lights.

Anonymous said...

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