Monday, 22 September 2008


Season of mist and yellow fruitfulness - and blackberries hanging in swags on our field hedges.
Yesterday was "Blackberry and apple jam day" here (the kitchen smells good this morning). Today is "Blackberry whisky day". Put one pound of sugar to every pound of blackberries, pop them into a demijohn or any suitable container, swirl them round well to get the juices flowing, then add one bottle of whisky to each pound of blackberries - cover and leave as long as you can. Decant into bottles - it is a lovely deep red colour and is marvellous on a cold winter's night - or when you have a cold or a sore throat - or just when you feel like it. Enjoy!


acornmoon said...

That sounds like my kind of medicine! Honey, lemon hot water and whisky is another.

I enjoyed reading your poem.

Patricia said...

That sounds delicious...I haven't heard of doing this with whisky before..only vodka...yum, I must try it! Thanks, Patricia

Janice Thomson said...

Oh my that does sound good! Must give that a try.

Karen said...

I was considering making this, but am not keen on the taste of whiskey. How strongly do the blackberries flavour it? Does it still have a whiskey smell?
I made sloe gin last year and that was yummy :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Karen - I hate the taste of whisky but can honestly say it doesn't taste of whisky at all but just of sweetness and blackberries!