Sunday, 2 February 2020


Today has been a cold, rather dismal day but it did stay dry long  enough for me to have a good walk round the estate with my trusty walker before going out to lunch.   On the days when I can do that I feel so much better for the walk.   There are gales forecast for the coming week - which is set to be a busy week for me in any case - so sadly I shall not be able to do much walking.

The Restaurant we four friends go to on Sunday lunchtimes was especially busy today with hardly a seat to spare but our table was ready for us so as soon as we had placed our order we went and sat at our table to open up a bit of space in the bar.  Our lunch was quite a long time coming but as we all four had something different and it was so very busy we didn't mind waiting.  Between us we had Salmon Florentine, Roast Lamb, Penang Curry with Rice and Prawn Salad (with chips)*  (*me).
 For me Blue Stilton and biscuits afterwards and then a pot of tea back in the bar and an hour's pleasant chat.   What a lovely way to spend an afternoon when it is so dismal outside.

Country File was interesting tonight because it was from Dungeness, the artist Derek Jarman and the fight to save his house there on the shingle for the nation.  Jarman was such an interesting character - one of the people I keep meaning to find out more about.   My son has lent me one of his books - a book on colour - and when I get the opportunity to read a chapter it is very interesting. 

Tomorrow morning is our Book Group meeting at M's - only about two hundred yards from my house so no great effort to get there with my walker.   The book we shall be discussing is Elizabeth Gaskell's 'North andSouth' - I have really enjoyed it and am looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say about it.   A very busy week ahead for me - but better than having nothing to do.   Wouldn't you agree?


angryparsnip said...

You week sounds busy but wonderful.
I thought for sure you would have had the Salmon as you usually do. Although the curry sounds lovely.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Angryparsnip beat me to it - I thought you would have been the salmon Florentine, too! -Jenn

Joanne Noragon said...

Oh, yes for busy. This past week has been so empty I lost track of days. This coming week will be quite busy. Yes!

Bonnie said...

What a lovely day you've had and a full week ahead of you to come.

jinxxxygirl said...

Yes busy is nice.. but sometimes i like my world to slow for a bit.. Working part time that has really begun to feel like full time as they keep adding hours.. keeps me busy. too busy. I sorely miss all the 'me time' i used to have.. very selfish of me to feel this way i know but there you have it. between work and the things i have to do theres not much time for me. And there used to be.. When i was younger and worked i seemed to be able to do it all.. Get everything done.. be who i needed to be for everyone and still squeeze out a little time for me.. But after 10 years of not working then going back to work i'm not so good managing my time anymore..uuughh Hugs! deb

Cro Magnon said...

I seem to have very little to do these days, then by late afternoon I wonder where all the hours went. In fact there's plenty to do, but nothing of consequence.

Librarian said...

I am surprised the Salmon Florentine was not for you! :-)
Yes, I like busy days and weeks, too, as long as I get enough time and space to myself in between. Work is often so hectic with one meeting after the other that I hardly spend any time at my desk, which means I can't get the tasks done that I want to get done, at least not as quickly as I would like to. At home, I am mistress of my own time and can pretty much do as I please, but I like going through my household tasks in a systematic, orderly way as well. All the more do I enjoy relaxing in the evening, knowing I have done my bit during the day.

Catherine said...

How nice to catch up over Sunday lunch with your friends. I used to watch Countryfile but to be honest have lost interest mainly because of the presenters. I like Adam, Anita and Matt but some of the others annoy me for some reason. I might be tempted to watch last nights episode on catch up though as I have always admired the imagination of Derek Jarmans garden in its most unpromising position. I didn’t realise it was under threat.

Christine Hancock said...

Nice to read you're getting out with your walker, I got one last year and feel so much more confident walking. And your Sunday meet up sounded good again, and your meal. Hope the book group went well. Ours is next week..

the veg artist said...

I thought you'd enjoy North and South. It will be interesting to hear what the rest of the group thought. Your meals out do sound lovely. One of the things about being home all the time is that I have to cook every single day - I'd love a meal out!

Heather said...

I missed Countryfile yesterday, maybe it will be repeated - I must check.
Your lunch sounds so nice and today's meeting will give you another chance to exercise your walker. I am just recovery from doing my leg exercises which will enable me to get to the paper shop and back!
Enjoy your busy week.

thelma said...

Must admit I thought three and half million pounds a big price to pay for a small wooden building, home to an artist and film maker. But Jarman definitely needs recognition in history for his artistic work. So everything has its cost.

Jules said...

I look forward to watching Countryfile on a Sunday evening. It's always so interesting.
Lunch sounds delicious. So lovely to spend the day with good friends. X

JayCee said...

Your Sunday sounds just perfect. I wonder if I would like North and South. I may give it a try. Thank you.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thelma. Yes I though the cost rather high to say the least.
Lunch perfect for a change.
Thanks for your contribution.

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