Sunday, 6 March 2016


I regularly compile quizzes for Foxglove Covert, our local nature reserve.  They are sold for funds.   I am not mobile enough to help as a volunteer, so this is one way of helping out.

The quizzes are faintly cryptic in content - but they are still fairly easy because our object is to sell the copies at £1 a time and if I made them too hard nobody would buy them and it would defeat the object.

Several folk have asked on my blog if I could post a quiz for them to have a go at.  Obviously I can't post the latest one, which I have printed off today (otherwise nobody would spend a pound on it when they could download it for nothing).

So here is one on fruit and vegetables, which I did some time in 2015.   See how you get on with it.   I will post the answers next week-end.

The answer to each question is either a fruit or a vegetable.   Not all
the questions are cryptic.

1.   The Fremchman eats all of this.9
2.   Nomads enjoy this fruit.6
3.   Donkeys bray longer for one of these.10
4.  Sounds like there are two.4
5.  Look among the clue!5
6.  Harvested in the triangle by moonlight.7
7.  One is seen (and felt) on the ear.11
8.  Could also be a lemon.5
9.  Go near for a juicy treat.6
10.Scandinavian vetgetable?5
11.Quiet plea for a mixup.5
12.Purple egg plant.9
13.Sounds like a taxi when you get old.7
14.This card turner grows on a bush.10
15.June 14th 2015.4
16.The little monkey loves this.5
17.Is this veg always in a hurry?6,4
18.Sounds as though the tap's dripping.4
19.Take the scissors to your golf standard.7
20.Noah took nothing back to the ark.4
21.Mack's beginning to take up archery6.
22A sugary addition to Pat too. 5 6

24.May also be called this.3
25.Had a poor innings at thecricket match .6 5
26.A chinese gooseberry.4 5
27;Nectar in every flower holds this.9
28.How Popeye kept strong.7
29. Strangely not a cheap fruit.5
30.It is shy when you meet at the fair.7
31.Amperage not organised.11
32.She has a little sister in the song.10
33.Hallowe'en plant7
34.The sound of disapproval. 9
35.Does it move a mile4
36.Sal's ify about accepting this.7
37,A letter of the alphabet on my vegetable patch.6 3

Hope you enjoy having a go.  


Heather said...

I am not very quick at cryptic clues and some of those are quite tricky, but it's good to have something to make one's brain work. Thank you for posting this quiz for us to enjoy.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Eureka! I know the answer to question 28! It's spinach! Whoopee! All the rest are far too hard for my peanut-sized brain.

angryparsnip said...

So much fun ! Great questions I shall try to see if I know any.
What are the number for ?

cheers, parsnip

Maria said...

This is all new to me. I think I know numbers 1 and 4 - aubergine and pear. I also knew 28. Now I must see how many I can do. Greeting Maria x

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Bit too smart for me at a quick glance!

Chris Elliot said...

I only managed to figure out three - well four, after I read the other comments! I can't wait to see the answers next weekend.

Cro Magnon said...

Several have me stumped; I'll return to them later.

Coppa's girl said...

At first glance I managed most of the anagrams, but those that actually need some thought will have to wait until later.
Thank you for posting this - it's fun.

Librarian said...

Much harder than I thought! Thanks a lot for posting this, I loved reading the questions and wondering about the answers :-)
I've not managed more than a handful, though:
5. Mango
12. Aubergine
17. Runner beans
23. ??? [Did you leave question # 23 out on purpose?]
26. lychee? doesn't match the numbers of letters...
28. spinach
33. pumpkin

Gwil W said...

My mother does crosswords with cryptic clues. She thinks they are wonderful. She says she has to keep her brain active at 96.

Hildred said...

Oh gosh, Pat - I will have to look again but first glance filled me with dismay. I am not an avid crossworder, but do tackle Candy Crush (blush).....

Frances said...

Weaver, you've come up with a great way to share your brilliant puzzles.

At first reading I think that I got a few, others have already commented, I'll have to return later for a real study to get the rest.

Thank you for this fun! xo

Coppa's girl said...

I've managed these so far... hope this doesn't spoil it for anyone...

1:Mange tout
17:Runner Beans
22A:Sweet Potato

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