Saturday, 5 March 2016

Final update!!!

This morning was our monthly coffee morning in the Village Hall - and it is there that I (I live well out of the village) get the bulk of my information about the goings on.

It seems that the gentleman involved may well have slipped on the bathroom floor - or indeed got stuck in the bath and needed the Fire Brigade to get him out - two versions circulating freely.   But whatever is the true version it does seem that he was home by evening and on the mend.

However, the ladder business was indeed true, because there were two accidents in the village on the same day.   A window-fitter's ladder slipped and he fell and broke his leg badly.   That is all the information I have on that story, but I do hope it is not too awful.  I assume that he will certainly be out of action for some time.

Home again after the coffee, wood burner lit, and we are ready to sit by it.   A friend at the coffee morning always bakes the most super turkey lasagnas and I like to get there early enough to buy two for our Saturday lunch - they are delicious.   If you don't get there soon after the ten o'clock start they have all disappeared, so I was there well on time.  One individual one each with lightly steamed broccoli.   Delicious.

I mentioned that I did Cryptic Quizzes  (note the correct spelling after Yorkshire Pudding told me I spelt it cyptic!!) and someone has said they would like it posting on line.   This is difficult as the quiz sheet costs £1 for Nature Reserve Funds and it would be a way of getting the questions for nothing and so I can't really do that.   Sorry though.


Heather said...

Best wishes to the window fitter for a speedy recovery. Those lasagnas sound delicious. I am cooking for one though my husband is a great deal better, but it might be some time next week before he is allowed home. One of our daughters took me to Sainsburys after visiting him today and I stocked up on one or two healthy ready meals to make life easier. I am having plenty of exercise walking down all those hospital corridors and beginning to feel a bit tired.

Gwil W said...

Enough drama in the village for a whole month. Hope everything calms down and rural peace reigns once more.

Librarian said...

Sorry to hear there were in fact two accidents. I hope the window cleaner won't lose out on too many working days (and money) because of his injury.
With the other gentleman and the mysterious bathroom accident - I think I would simply talk to the man himself, to ask how he is, whether there is anything I can do for him (and at the same time find out what really happened) :-)
I perfectly understand about the quiz questions. But I was secretly hoping you could post just one or two questions for us, just so that we get a taste of their nature.

PS: The lasagne sounds great! I had one at a friend's last night, delicious, too.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Two accidents on the same day - it's getting like Midsomer Murders up there! Lets just hope that both men make a full recovery and no more bulletins have to be issued.

Terra Hangen said...

What a day for danger that was in your village. I prayed right away that the man's leg will heal quickly. That lasagna sounds delicious.

Dawn McHugh said...

Dinner sounds lovely, we are having Haggis tonight, brought back from Scotland by a friend, fire is lit there is a real chill in the wind :-)

Reader Wil said...

When I read your entry, I always think of James Herriot. This series has started again and as always I watch it over and over again.It's a great series.
I hope that the man with the broken leg will soon recover. I broke my left wrist on 20th December, but it's on the mend.

angryparsnip said...

I agree with John, when lots of strange thing happen, two accidents in one morning / it is Midsomer Murders. My favorite village so far is Badger Drift.
My # 1 pick so far of villages to move to.. Some blackmail, money laundering and a murder , I think there will be a few houses up for sale. Of course James Herriot is always the best.
Your dinner sounds so wonderful plus no cooking.
I hope everyone injured will heal fast.

cheers, parsnip

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Turkey lasange - oh yes please!

I always worry like mad when I see my stepfather hurtling up ladders! 67!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh I'm glad the accidents weren't any worse - hope all recover quickly. Turkey lasagna sounds terrific. We had bright sunshine and drove down to see fields of daffodils and flocks of thousands of Snow Geese.

Barbara Womack said...

Goodness! Two accidents in one day! I hope the recoveries are speedy.
Your description of turkey lasagna sounds delicious. Now, I'm hungry and it's HOURS until a reasonable mealtime.