Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What day is it?

Is it just me, or is everyone else the same?   This weekend has been August Bank Holiday week-end so that everything has now got out of sync.  My cleaner usually comes on a monday, but chose to come today instead, which means that now I shall think it is Monday all day.

I am a bit like Eliot's J Alfred Prufrock, who measured out his life in coffee spoons, only I measure out my retirement life in various activities which tend to always happen on the same day each week.
Monday - cleaner and washday; Tuesday - into town with a friend to the Bank; Wednesday afternoon - exercise class; Thursday - hair day; Friday - coffee with friends in town; Saturday - often into town with a friend; Sunday - every other Sunday out for lunch when the farmer walks with his walking group.  In addition I have to fit in any other things - this week it is a visit to the Physiotherapist for example.   It does make the weeks pass by quickly and enjoyably, but any deviation and I am thrown into confusion.

Today the farmer has started second crop silaging.   There is a good, heavy crop of grass and as I write this I can hear him cutting the paddock next to the house.   The weather forecast is not brilliant, but silage is not quite as critical as hay and he is hoping for the best.

 I have just made a plum crumble for lunch with this morning's crop of ripe plums picked before the wasps got at them.   The complete pea crop from the veggie garden is now in the freezer and the broad beans are almost finished.   My spare 'garden' freezer is nearly full - maybe just room left for the runner beans as we had the first ones for lunch yesterday and they were delicious.

There is something so satisfying about eating one's own produce, particularly when, like me, all you have to do is cook and eat it as the farmer has done all the hard work.




Countryside Tales said...

Our broad beans were over ages ago and our runners are on their last legs. Is it the temperature difference? Squashes are ripening here now and the corn is well on its way too. I'm fixed on it being Tuesday but was in a muddle yesterday :o)

Dawn McHugh said...

It dosent take much to confuse my days, yesterday I thought it was Sunday and today seems like a Monday and tomorrow we will be half way through the week again, our feezers are groaning although I am hoping a wine making session this week end will free up some more space :-)

Gwil W said...

To answer the question in your title:
Today is the first day of the 7th month which is named appropriately Sept(ember).
The year begins to March forward on 1st March which as you know is St David's day in Wales.
In a mere 2 months, that is in Nov(ember) our Christmas Markets will be open . Christmas takes place in the tenth month of the year appropriately called Dec(ember).

Elizabeth said...

This reminds me of my father's favorite hymn and my philosophy really
"The trivial round, the common task
May furnish all I need to ask."

Saw one of those 'improving' quotes recently - but rather liked it -
"If you aren't content with what you have, what makes you
think you will be content with more?

Here ends the sermon!

Jennifer Coupe said...

Can you tell me how you freeze your runner beans please? Mine always go soggy. Thank you.

The History Anorak said...

I didn't get much out of my garden this year. I was far too late planning to do anything with it. (The best laid schemes, etc etc)
At least it means I can support our local farmers!

Joanne Noragon said...

Perhaps our lives always are measured out in spoons. I remember my 18 month old daughter waiting at the door on Wednesday mornings to go to the neighborhood play date. I was mystified until another young mother of more than one asked my routine and then pointed out I washed on Monday, ironed on Tuesday and there I had it. I think in my next life I will be a true Bohemian and live as the lilies of the fields.

Mac n' Janet said...

We've become so casual since we retired with no fixed days for anything. Love it, but it does make it difficult to remember what day it is.

Doc said...

If it were not for my cell phone I would never know what day it was. I have a watch that tells me the day but I never know how to set it. My son who is very techie just gives me hell about such things.

angryparsnip said...

Lately I am getting my days all mixed up.I will know it is Tuesday but it feels like a Friday to me.
How weird is that ?
Silage, grass but no wildflowers..... right ?

cheers, parsnip

Heather said...

I am just the same Pat - such a creature of habit. When my children were all very small I decided I ought to work to a routine and made myself a timetable for the week. I don't think I even got to Tuesday when someone had to go to the doctor, then a couple of other things happened and I was so behind with everything I tore it up and have muddled through ever since. Only now, in old age, can I have a routine!
A gold star for the farmer for growing all those wonderful veggies.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Jennifer - I just open freeze them on a tray and then bag them up as soon as possible.
I used to blanch them but found it made them worse. I personally don't think they freeze awfully well - nothing like as good as beans and peas - but when one has a large crop then something has to be done with them. They certainly turn out better than bought frozen ones. I tried to get onto your site to answer your question but couldn't find a way in.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Interesting lot of comments today - so thanks for them all, whatever their subject matter is.

Tom Stephenson said...

You wouldn't want to eat my produce.

Cro Magnon said...

The Maize silage was cut here yesterday, now all the fields are bare, and the wild boar will have to find a new home.

Acornmoon said...

Home made plum crumble, what could be nicer, whatever day it may happen to be.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Vallerie - nice to hear from you. Yes the plum crumble was delicious and plenty left for today too.
Cro - didn't realise wild boar roamed in the maize. Do you ever eat wild boar> Is it available at your butchers?
Judging from where you live Tom, the mind boggles.

Midmarsh John said...

Same here. Usually just before and just after Bank holidays throw me out of sync.