Thursday, 10 July 2014

Up and running again.

I didn't put on a blog post yesterday because my computer suddenly went into  crisis mode.  It switched off and told me that my battery had become 'critical'.   I rang the engineer who looks after my computer for me and he has just been.

The upshot is that I am getting a new laptop.   This one is seven years old and has been a good old faithful friend but sadly it has outlived its usefulness.   The engineer has gone off to find me a new one which  (hopefully) has Windows 7, which I am well used to.  Hopefully I should have it within the next day or two.

He couldn't find a fault and I never use it on battery, always on power, but we had just had a thunderstorm and he thinks that might have had something to do with it.

So I am about to 'bite the bullet'.   As I use it for quite a bit of farm work (Vat, cattle movement etc.) I am hoping that the farmer will agree to go halves on the cost!

So there may well be a delay while I get used to using a new set-up - I hope not but you never know.

In spite of the weather forecast telling us that it is set to be a wet day, the sky is cloudless blue and the sun is shining.   Haymaking is severely delayed by these Summer downpours we have been getting.   In order to get good hay you really need four days of sunny, breezy weather - and we have not had a run of four dry days for several weeks.The farmer does sub-contract haymaking for quite a few folk around the village who have only perhaps got one field.   They are all very patient and do understand the situation - but it is frustrating (probably more so for me than for the farmer, who has had a lifetime of haymaking rather than just twenty years!)


ArtPropelled said...

Hope you are up and running soon. We have so many power surges here which cause appliances to blow up. I had to get a new computer earlier in the year, due to a power surge..... and a washing machine, microwave, TV and hot water gieser.

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

Hiya Pat!
I have learned to unplug TV and computer during thunderstorms. Was in the kitchen once when a bolt hit the house. It shot out almost three feet from an electrical outlet in the kitchen. I remember the color was blue. Burnt out the stereo, washer, and a few smaller things.

Here's hoping for four sunny days!

PS: I notice my blog didn't update in your list as I posted one last night.

PPS: Only two !'s. Have been more cognizant of them since we all weighed in on you blog a while back!

OK, three.

the veg artist said...

We have a surge protector for our computers - a bit like an adapter socket, but if I know a storm is coming, I switch off as well.
My trusty computer has been going in for the sulks recently, but, so far, can be coaxed out of them. I haven't found all the files which were supposed to have been transferred to this one yet!

Heather said...

I haven't had my laptop as long as you have had yours. Sadly, I expect everything to last for years! We will wait patiently to hear from you again when the new one has been installed.
Our forecast is for one or two thundery showers over the next few days - hope yours is better.

ChrisJ said...

Whatever you do, don't get Windows 8!!! It is a royal pain. So totally different from Window 7 it's like learning the computer all over again.

Cloudia said...

DO hurry back! I know what you mean. I'm well used to Win7 as well and don't relish learning a new routine, but c'est la vie in the world of tech. One reason we so enjoy your classic lasting world

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= <3

Gwil W said...

Thanks for the comments and also good luck with the new set-up.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Up and running but still on the old computer - fingers crossed!

Elizabeth said...

A new computer is really rather a thrill -but sometimes a challenge!
Glad your weather is better than expected!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I am not fond of the learning of a new computer - but always love it when I come to the comfort stage.

Neville said...

In my experience, switching laptops is a lot like moving to a new house. Everything feels awkward and strange for a time. Windows7 is definitely my preference over the eighth version. Hopefully your transition to your new laptop will be smooth and effortless. I have a surge protector on my list of things to buy in the very near future.

Neville @ Electrical Experts