Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Day and a Half.

Today has been a hectic day all round.   Tess has been to the hairdressers and has come back looking ultra smart.  I bought her a new collar and lead in red tartan yesterday so she really looks special.   The lady who cuts her feels she may be allergic to some of the grasses as every year about this time of the year her skin becomes inflamed.   Tomorrow I shall see about some anti-histamin.

Our new royal baby is to be called George Alexander Louis I hear - quite a grand name, but I do like the idea of George, one of those old fashioned names which is coming back into fashion.  A very privileged young man he is to be sure.

See you tomorrow with a longer post I hope.


Em Parkinson said...

George is a great name isn't it? OB's best friend is a George but I'm not sure how is parents are going to feel about the forthcoming popularity of it!

John Gray said...

I guessed right it would be george

mrsnesbitt said...

Definitely get to visit you soon Pat on the new bike xxxx

Gwil W said...

Maybe he should have had a princely Welsh name, something like Owen or Gareth or Bryn or Gwilym since after all he is the grandson of Prince Charles of Wales and his dad is RAF pilot William Wales, elder brother of the infamous Harry Wales, and lives in a Welsh cottage and works with the rescue helicopter service in Ynys Mon (Anglesey).

Heather said...

One of our dogs had problems with grass seeds every summer.
Dozens of baby boys will be named George now - it will give the name new popularity.