Thursday, 21 June 2012

An English Summer

Three fine sunny days and then a pouring wet one, to be followed - if the forecasters are correct - by three or four days of highly unsettled weather. I am pleased to report that the silage was
wrapped before the rain came down, so that is one headache out of the way.

Now that our Dutch friends have returned home I looked at a rather empty calendar this morning.
Now, having switched on and read my e mails I have added - friends for the weekend shortly, afternoon tea on Sunday, a Greek evening in July and a lunch date next Thursday. Aren't e mails good for filling up the social calendar?

A friend has taken a dozen fertile (I hope) pullet eggs for her incubator. As I am not raising any new chicks this year, this is the next best thing and I look forward to the new births in three weeks time and hope that most of them are hens rather than cockerels.

Today is the Summer Solstice and therefore the longest day. It is now 7.01pm and already I have to have the light on in order to type this. At this rate it will be dark by 8pm as the cloud cover is so heavy.


Heather said...

We have had a grey and wet day too - not a bit like midsummer. How nice to be able to keep in touch with your pullets' offspring.
I hope the weather soon improves to allow farmers to get on with their work, though for many tasks no doubt they just carry on and get soaked. I suppose there must be some crops which might benefit from all this rain. Watercress perhaps?!

H said...

The weather here has been grim too; rain all day :(

Titus said...

Good grief Weaver, I forgot it was the solstice! Thanks.
Gracious, I'm hoping the weather forecast is a little better here (unlikely, I know). I've got two big, very outdoor, events this weekend!

Pam said...

Hope the weather fines up for your social engagements Weaver.At least you Brits have given yourself a bit of breathing space between the Silver Jubilee and the Olympics. You lot sound like you never let bad weather get in the way of a good social engagement!!

Pondside said...

The weather is weird on your continent and on ours. As we shiver on the west coast, my parents in the east are sweltering in 42 degrees and you are flooding in the UK and in France. What has happened to a good old-fashioned warm and sunny summer?

Marianne said...

Isn't it odd that they call rain 'unsettled' weather? This summer the weather has been very settled. Settled deluge.
I set the alarm for 2.45 am to walk up the mountain to see the sunrise. Didn't have to get out of bed to see whether it was raining. Went back to sleep.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Solstice.
Disgustingly hot here today 96'f and expecting thunderstorms....
England in June is such bliss when the weather is lovely.

You do keep yourself stunningly busy!
I am in two book groups and discover to my horror that I have to read Edwin Drood by

ArcticFox said...

I've put the heating on :(

Anonymous said...

For the longest day of the year, it was terrible. We had the heating on, and then we had to put the lights on at 9.00pm! Though I hear that the July is supposed to be nice and hot! I'm sure that summers never used to be like this.