Friday, 21 October 2011

The Booker Pri\e.

I have no time to blog today as I am getting ready for visitors who are staying for the week-end. But I do suggest that if you have a minute, you go to yesterday's blog, click on the comments and scroll down to acornmoon. Here Valerie gives us an interesting fact about the Booker that I certainly didn't know about.


Heather said...

To be chosen to receive the Booker Prize would be a huge accolade, but to have one's book bound in leather by craftsmen would be something very special.
Have a lovely weekend with your friends - hope the weather will be reasonably kind.

Gwil W said...

My money's on pumpkin soup followed by a selection of cold meats and savouries and apple pie and local cheese to round it off.

H said...

I read the comment. To have a book bound by a craftsman/woman would be special indeed!

Have a lovely weekend. I hope the weather holds out for you. Doing anything interesting?

Cloudia said...

ooooo- will do!

have a good weekend

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

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Dave King said...

Thanks. Will do.

acornmoon said...

For all you book lovers, may I introduce you-