Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Freedom at last.

Oh how wonderful it is to be back on the road! This morning the farmer came with me to Tesco in the passenger seat and I was fine. This afternoon I have been to the library under my own steam. Another couple of days and hopefully I shall be back to 'normal'.

It is the Wensleydale Show on Saturday and today the tents are all going up. As shows go up here this is one of the major ones, so there are a lot of large marquees going up - all within sight of the farm, because the show is within walking distance.
It is always quite exciting to see the showground take shape but it is also a bit sad because it marks the beginning of Autumn. This year, of course, it also falls on our Bank Holiday weekend which is another Autumnal marker.

We usually go to the show at about lunch time as our feed merchant provides all his customers with delicious pork pies, sandwiches and cups of tea. Before that the farmer is a show judge for another smaller show in the village of West Witton, about five miles away. Here he judges the vegetables, the eggs and the hay. Quite a busy day for us then. I will, of course, take photographs so that you can share in the fun.

Spare a thought for John Gray (Going Gently on my side bar) who lost his beloved bulldog Constance very suddenly the other day. It seems to be the way with bulldogs, who do not live all that many years. I have now heard of three who have died suddenly from what appears to be a heart attack.

If you are not a dog lover then you probably won't understand the heart ache. But if you are a dog lover then you will know just what it is like - if you have the time please just pop over and leave your condolences.

To end on a more pleasant note. The field opposite is full of pedigree, in-calf Limousin heifers. They really are the most beautiful animals. When I sit up in bed in the mornings to drink my cup of tea, this is the sight that greets me from my window. What more could anyone wish for?


Heather said...

You haven't wasted any time in getting to work your project - I'm still reading all the notes and requirements and plan to start work on 1st Sept.
How sad for John Gray. It is always so hard to lose a much loved pet. I love the view from your bedroom. Enjoy your freedom!

Reader Wil said...

How wonderful to go driving again.
I wish you a great Show on Saturday!

Gerry Snape said...

Hooray!!...well now that you have got going...nothing will stop you! A little reminder that the Prom Art at Grange is on Sunday...thought I'd let you know though I suppose that you will be at the local agricultural show. Whichever it is ...have good driving!

Elizabeth said...

So glad you are driving again.
Must have been so frustrating having to depend on others.
This is great news.

Penny said...

So glad you are ack driving, I know I had a self imposed non driving time and I was so glad to get back to my freedom again.
Sounds like a lovely week end.

Hildred and Charles said...

"when I sit up in bed to drink my cup of tea in the morning" - what lovely family memories that brings back to me. Glad you are driving again, Pat.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had the heifers and a pork pie, oh sometimes your blog makes me so homesick!

Cloudia said...

I feel blessed to feel your healing,
your joy in freedom,
and your lovely place. . .

Thank You

Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for all your comments. I hope to visit you all today.

Arija said...

We used to breed Limousins and they were a delight on the paddock and as quiet as a nun's hen, until you try to load them on a truck!

Such great doings up your end with the big show and having to attend two of them. Have a great time!

izzy said...

What a great view to wake up to! not familiar with that breed of cow, however
I do enjoy looking at them. Have lots of fun driving- it is such a pleasure (usually).

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Well Done You!!
Roll the windows down and turn the radio up!