Sunday, 31 October 2010

Birthday outing.

There is something very nice about being born on Hallowe'en. First of all everyone remembers your birthday as it is on a special day; secondly a lot of people envy you for being born on such a day; and thirdly I notice every year that the best Autumn colour always occurs around that date too. So a triple whammy.

Today the farmer took me out on a special trip to mark the occasion. The weather here is warm, dampish and dull - but fine. I took photographs whenever I had the opportunity, specially for my blog. In some of them the colour is very flat - sorry about that but it is the best I could do given the weather conditions. So here goes:-

We decided to go over to the East Coast to see the North Sea. We saw it from the air the other week and later on from the Dutch coast, but it is several years since we actually saw our nearest coastline - and Tess had never seen the sea!

Our first stop was in Great Ayton. There are several pretty little white foot bridges over the River Leven in Great Ayton - it is such a pretty little place. Its great claim to fame, though, comes from the fact that Captain James Cook, the 18th century naval explorer went to school here. We had a coffee and walked Tess along the river bank - new smells and new excitement for her.

Then we went along, over the North York Moors until we came to the coast. We avoided Whitby - for one thing we have been there many times and for another, this week is a special Goth week-end and we didn't fancy getting caught up in that. So we went further down the coast to Robin Hood's Bay.

After a delicious lunch in the Victoria Hotel (roast pork since you ask) we had to tackle the walk down to the sea.

There is a steep descent to the sea, mainly by a series of steps. We both have dodgy knees and going down was hard. But it was worth it. The sea was calm and tranquil and we had a lovely walk along the beach. We managed to persuade Tess into the edge of the sea for a paddle, but frankly, she was much more interested in the smells.

Oddly enough, the walk back up from the sea was exhilarating. We avoided the steps and walked up the road as quickly as we were able. It was hard work but we made it - and we worked off some of the roast pork's calories into the bargain.

On the way back we had to make a detour. We chose to come back a different way and because of the detour we came past Byland Abbey. It is some years since I went there and it is a lovely peaceful place. And only a few miles further on we drove through the village of Coxwold. As we came to the Vicarage the farmer slowed down and opened the car window. I stuck the camera out of the window to take a photograph of Shandy Hall for you. Sorry it is a bit wonky, but we were moving at the time. Laurence Sterne (1713-68)lived here and preached in the fifteenth century church opposite. It was here that he wrote Tristram Shandy. The last time I visited the Hall had some plants for sale and I could not resist buying a herbaceous geranium called Patricia (my name). I am pleased to say she flourishes every year in my front garden.

The autumn colours, particularly the beech, were at their very best - I took a shot out of the car window for you to see - but by this time it was almost dark. We put our clocks back one hour in the UK last night and by four o'clock there was little light left.

We came home. The farmer walked the dogs. I put the candles into my pumpkin and stood him out in the garden, where he is glowing as I write - ready to welcome my son and his wife on their return from holiday any minute now.

A lovely, memorable day. Thank you to all of you who sent me birthday wishes. November tomorrow - Christmas before we know were we are.

Photos - top to bottom, left to right:

Autumn on the River Leven.
Great Ayton.
The sea at Robin Hood's Bay.
A Garden in Robin Hood's Bay.
Tess's First Paddle in the sea.
Autumn on an empty road.
Going down to Robin Hood's Bay.
Shandy Hall.
Byland Abbey ruins.


Loren said...

Now, that's a great birthday.

Tom Stephenson said...

These are Her Indoors's childhood holiday destinations from Sheffield - bless.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Pat - what a lovely day you had. Your photos are beautiful even if the sun wasn't shining for you. I love that courtyard garden with the river flowing by and the Abbey ruins are stunning.

angryparsnip said...

Happy Happy Birthday !

I never knew anyone with a Halloween Birthday.
Now I know Two ! Yours and Carol from the blog "Dry Bones"

Your day in pictures look like you had a wonderful day.
Love your three Birthday reasons.
Sounds like a great day to have a birthday.

Japanese Son Birthday, February 2nd is Ground Hogs Day here in America and we all think that if you have to have a birthday on a Holiday that was a good one. Crazy enough to be a fun day but not overpowering to wipe out a Birthday.

Let there be Cake !

cheers, parsnip

Jinksy said...

Looks like you had a good day. Many happy returns of it, m'dear! :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What a wonderful day for a birthday! Wishing you the absolute best!

Gerry Snape said...

Happy Birthday Weaver...looks like you both had a wonderful day.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Pat!

Titus said...

Happy Birthday Weaver, and I am one of the envious ones!
I love these trips with you, so many parts of England I haven't seen are becoming real to me in this virtual way.
Fresh-clipped Tess?

I probably would have stopped at Whitby, though...

Paul C said...

Captain James Cook, the remains of that wonderful cathedral, the countryside...inspiring.

Hildred and Charles said...

Happy Birthday Weaver, - I have two little guys who share this birthday with you. One a great grandnephew, and the other a great grandson - both of them four years old today. You are right, a Halloween birthday has all sorts of perks and I hope this is a very happy one for you.

For the GG nephew's birthday his Mum brought home twin brothers for him from the hospital! What a happy celebration.....

Pondside said...

Happy Birthday to you! I couldn't imagine a nice way to celebrate - your beloved, your dog, a good lunch and some wonderful scenery. Happy Halloween!

George said...

Happy Birthday, Pat! Glad you had a lovely outing, especially at Robin Hoods Bay, which is the terminus of Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk, which I completed in June. When I was there, I dipped my boots in the North Sea and repaired to Wainwright's Bar. It's quite lovely down by the sea, isn't it?

Penny said...

A belated Birthday wish but it looks like a lovely day and I really love the photos you show and of parts I have seen and parts I havent.
So nice when it is a pleasant day on ones birthday.

Lucy Corrander said...

I think, now I've read this gentle post, I'm looking forward to Christmas. I know it's early - but I am.


P.S. Happy Birthday!

jan said...

Happy Birthday! You have visited some lovely places to celebrate.

MorningAJ said...

I love Byland Abbey - and Coxwold and Robin Hood's Bay (and Whitby - but not hallowe'en weekend, I agree!)

I'm very jealous!

Robin Mac said...

Belated happy birthday Pat, what a lovely way to spend it, and what an exciting day on which to be born. Great photos as usual. Cheers, Robin

Caroline Gill said...

Penblwydd Hapus - for yesterday, Weaver.

What wonderful haunts! We love the Byland Abbey area. I haven't been down to Robin Hood's Bay, but we enjoyed a visit to Staithes.

willow said...

Happy Birthday, Pat! Thanks for taking us along on your beautiful day. xx

Mary Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

My brother also had a Halloween birthday!
I love Halloween!!!

Elizabeth said...

What a splendid day! I enjoyed the seaside best
and Shandy Hall.

Golden West said...

What a wonderful outing for your birthday! Wishing you many happy returns of the day, Weaver.

Bonnie said...

Belated birthday wishes dear Pat - what a lovely way to spend your special day!

Masia Mum said...

Belated Happy Birthday for yesterday. Trust no "trick or treaters" claimed any birthday cake!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sincere thanks to you all for joining in my birthday celebrations. Here's to the next one.

Arija said...

Belated Birthday Greetings Pat. I see you had a great day out at so many beautiful places as well as the dearest visitors possible in the evening.

I wish you all the health and happiness possible for your coming year.

Love and B-day hugs . . . Arija

jeannette said...

Am late as we have relatives over from Holland - A Belated Happy One, Beaver:) Sounds and looks like you had a nice outing!

PS I love love love your new header!!
It's because a few years I started a painting with a similar view, but lost the pic -may I have your permission to take your pic as a reference?

BT said...

Oh belated birthday wishes to you Pat, I'm sorry I'm a tad late. I was in Suffolk for halloween and Jack and Jason carved a pumpkin and we had just one family of trick or treaters! Jack was thrilled.

What a lovely day you had. I love Robin Hood's Bay too, except for trying to park! Super photos too.