Sunday, 5 October 2008

Rain in the Pennines!

Yesterday, here at six hundred feet above sea level, we had a misly rain all day but not amounting to much. This morning we had to go to Hawes which is West from here and moving into the Pennines. Boy had they had rain yesterday! The River Ure had been over and flooded vast areas of water meadows - in some places the road had been closed yesterday but was open this morning and covered in debris.
Our "local" lake, Semerwater, is joined to the River Ure by one of the shortest rivers in England, the River Bain. It flows only a mile, from Semerwater, through the village of Bainbridge and then into the Ure. It is normally a quiet, gentle river and where it runs over falls as it comes into the village it is usually a pretty picture. Not so today. It was a raging torrent - the noise was tremendous and the sight was awesome and quite frightening. The volume of water coming down was so impressive that I took these photographs.

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Mistlethrush said...

Isn't it just amazing how quickly streams and rivers can change? I recall going for a walk a few months ago and found the usually ankle-deep Dean Black Brook transformed into a widened knee-deep rush. It put a prompt end to my walk.
But I'm glad I was there because I had to rescue a former colleague stranded on the other side as I hauled him across....